Let’s Cut Public Spending…….Except For A Vist From The Pope

Posted on September 16, 2010

You have to hand it to the powers that be in this country, they are the masters of hypocrisy. All through the week we are learning of savage spending cuts in the public sector, which quite frankly, when you see some examples of council gluttony (70% of council tax funding index linked pensions beggars belief) may well be justified.

Why then, are we paying for the visit of a former member of the Hitler Youth who covers up in child abuse and has antiquated views on homosexuality and abortion? Next they will be telling us he will be singing “Do you Wanna Be In My Gang” in a duet with Gary Glitter, which would go straight to number one in Dublin, but not London.

If the Pope wants to come here of his own back, that is fine, but why should the majority of Tax Payers foot the bill. I don’t really want him here if I am paying, I share none of his beliefs and nor do most of the nation, as we are, according to his mate Cardinal Kasper, a third world country, and we are aggressively atheist.

I would rather call it being aggressively fair, decent, and multicultural actually. British (or perhaps English) people are in general, tolerant to all races, genders, and religions (though Islam frightens us at times) and I sometimes think we deserve a bit of a break from all the criticism we get as nation, especially from a figure in a religion that has more than a few issues of their own to sort out. Yes, there are far right nutters like Nick Griffin, but no one really takes them seriously, unlike in France where Marine Le Pen (Daughter of you know who) means real business.

As a tolerant society, let him come along so he can drive around in a ludicrous looking car, but the Church should pay for this (they are loaded) not the Tax payer, or if he has chosen to visit himself, he should foot the bill, it’s what’s known as good manners. This is a State visit costing millions of pounds, and is my opinion wrong to call it, and fund it as that. State visits are meant for great leaders of people, not shambolic religious leaders with preposterous outdated beliefs, but as my favourite band the The Clash once sang on their single White Man In Hammersmith Palais……………….”If Adolf Hitler flew in today, they’d a send Limousine anyway.”

I hope your Gout isn’t causing you to much grief Cardinal Kasper, us third world aggressive atheists are really going to miss your company…………………….Prick!!!

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  • Anonymous
    September 17, 2010 (8:32 am)

    LOL. Made my day !

    Remember this ?


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