England Get the Cold Shoulder

Posted on December 3, 2010

There isn’t really any point in England bidding for the World Cup in its current format as any money spent on a technical bid is wasted. It would appear that our technical bid was miles ahead of Russia as was America’s and Australia’s against Qatar for 2022. It begs the question, what is the point of a technical bid if it counts for nothing in a bidding process? If it’s for a new nation like Russia, tell us not to bid and let them have it.

FIFA are now coming out with some old claptrap that the British media cost us our chance to stage the World Cup. FIFA are Liars, they have given the World Cup to Russia and Qatar because of corruption, there is not even a question about it, England knows that, Spain and Portugal know that, America knows that and Australia knows that. The truth is, the British media didn’t go far enough, I hope they do now and after being blamed for the bid failure they will be chasing FIFA like a pack of hungry hounds.

Scenting Blood: The English press are after Fifa

Putting Russia and 2018 aside for a moment, for what reason would you stage a World Cup in Qatar in June? I will give you a one minute brainstorm…………………………..any offers? No thought not. The obvious choice was Australia where the game is developing, they have an excellent attitude to sport, brilliant stadiums, and it would be their winter (10-20 centigrade) perfect for football. But no, it goes to a dessert where temperature is 50c and no one is interested in Football. However, Qatar do have one thing in common with Russia and that is Oil money and the ability to do huge cash deals on the back of a fag packet.
Like Germany in 2006, France 1998 and Italia 90, England as a football loving nation would have put on a brilliant World Cup with packed stadiums and excellent fans areas in our city centre parks. Australia would have done the same as would have Spain and Portugal. Instead we get Russia, corrupt and sinister ,a country where organised crime is the order of the day, FIFA love a bit of that. What really made me sick was the sight of Roman Abramovich celebrating in the knowledge that his money had won the day. He stitches up a World Cup bid, but still has his base in England where he can live in relative safety spending his own countryman’s money in Bond street. He has his cake and he is eating it in England whilst fighting against our bid, thanks for nothing Roman. Russia and Qatar probably knew months ago their money had won the bid, that’s why Putin didn’t even show up, the deal had already been sealed months before any Panorama documentary.

It’s not even the nations of Russia and Qatar that bother me, they can run their countries how they see fit, it’s not my business plus I’ll never go to either, and I am sure Russia will put on a good show (at least they like football). It’s FIFA I hate them, they are detestable, crooked, bent, lying, loathsome cheating bastards. I would love it if the FA broke away and told FIFA to fuck off with their shit tournament, South Africa was the most tedious shown on earth with shit balloon like match balls, moronic vuvuzela’s and over hyped club footballers who couldn’t get motivated. England were shit, but so was everyone else except Spain and Germany. No matter how arrogant it seems World Cup’s need England and so do UEFA, the Champions League would be totally devalued without Arsenal and Manchester United (Fuck Chelsea, they can go to Moscow) so why don’t we just bail out now and let them swim in their cesspit of corruption until someone wipes the smug grin off of Sepp Blatter’s cheating face. 

The English, Spain/Portugal and Australia bid teams have wasted their energy, they were never going to get the World Cup, they are not corrupt enough, and England in particular have a freedom of press that makes FIFA vulnerable to exposure. Anyone who has attacked the press in the last week should hang their heads in shame, because if the Sunday Times and Panorama managed to dig a bit deeper a bit earlier maybe FIFA would have collapsed like the IOC and been forced to restructure which would have given a level playing field in a bid process, giving England at least a chance, but for now it remains a hugely corrupt closed shop.
To use a football term, by blaming the English press for the failure of our bid, FIFA have just scored what could be a fatal own goal. The press now scent blood……….go get ‘em boys!

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