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Posted on December 6, 2010

I have an account attached to my Blog which tells me bits of information about who and what type of people read my blog, how often they view it and what search words they use. Don’t worry it doesn’t indicate who you are personally, it just says the name of the server, for example SKYor BT internet and what part of the country the page viewer comes from. Actually it doesn’t always, as when Diane (my girlfriend) views it, it says BT internet (St Helens) which is 250 miles from Broughton, and for others it may just say London, but I start to recognise the obvious ones like Trevor and Priv in Australia and other regular viewers, dare I say fans.

Anyway, via the search words section on the account I can see what people are typing in to Google that then leads them to come across my Blog page and it is really intriguing stuff. Obviously the most popular searches are for ‘Bob Lethaby’ or “Lethaby Blog” and it is pretty safe to assume that these searches originate from people who know me, as Bob Lethaby is a remarkably uncommon name, though there is a Robert Lethaby on Facebook, and if you Google Robert Lethaby you will find a site by someone of the same as me who thinks he is the spoof character Borat. Each to their own I suppose, but I assume that long lost friends who have Googled my name think that it is actually me, which is a bit worrying when you see the content of it, he is obviously not the full shilling.

After my own name, comes that of an Afghanistan war veteran named Lance Corporal Jack Mizon. I did a small Blog about him a few years ago after Panorama had followed him through the Helmand Provence. It wasn’t so much that documentary ,but a follow up that showed his life after coming home and the effects war left on him and the lack of support from the army hierarchy. You can still read and view it here, in fact do read it if you can find the time, it is very interesting.

It gets more amusing after that, the next popular search words seem to be ‘Cliff Richard’ and quite what his fans thought of my sarcastic blog about his 70th birthday I don’t know. The information I got was that there is a staggering amount of eastern Europeans searching up Cliff Richard, and it does make me chuckle to think that the Cliff Richard fan club in Uzbekistan might now think that ‘Devil Woman’ was a song about Margaret Thatcher. Next up in the popularity stakes are the search words ‘Chris Moyles Is a Prick’. I am immensely proud that a high number of people have typed in those words to Google and I do hope they enjoyed my Blog that lambasted Moyles for his pay dispute with the BBC. It is also gave me some comfort that in a world that apparently has an alarming amount of Chris Moyles lovers, there is also a substantial amount on my wavelength who agree to my assessment that he is a big fat arrogant and talentless prick fleecing license payers with his mind numbing drivel.

However I have saved my favourite for last, and it is the Google key words ‘Extreme Cat Rape.’ When I was on holiday in France a few years ago I did a Blog (click here) on an unsolicited email I received titled those very words, and asked what sort of person would open, read, and even worse partake in such a disturbing and depraved act. Well, by all accounts, there are quite a few of these maniacs in this world of ours who will type in the words ‘Cat rape’ or ‘Extreme Cat Rape.’ However the best of them all was ‘Extreme Cat Rape Norfolk’ good God that made laugh until it hurt, as if Norfolk hasn’t got a bad enough reputation for interbreeding now it’s cat rape and extreme cat rape at that. Unbelievable stuff.

Apparently if I want to get more page viewers on my Blogs I need to be good at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which basically means choosing ‘key words’ that are likely to be used by would be readers so when they go on a search engine such as Google my pages are likely to be high on the Google search listings.

Lets give it a try it shall we?


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