Changes Taking Place

Posted on January 5, 2011

Regular blog readers may have noticed a distinct slow down in my posts this week, well don’t panic, I am neither dead, seriously ill or kidnapped, I am just dealing with the shock of working full days for the first time since 1997 which is causing major re-adjustment in my time management. Those of you have known me for some time are aware that I have ran a business for nearly fifteen years, which I am still doing. However the industry I am in has been decimated by recession and any remaining work is for high risk and low reward resulting in me reducing my client base to just the few who I know will pay me on time for the work I have done.

Consequently I am still doing small amounts of my own work plus a day of marketing for a construction company. However, it has become apparent that figures are not adding up and over the last couple of months I have been seeking additional work that allows me to keep my business going in the background. The only companies who were interested in me were part time jobs at warehouses, supermarkets, driving or bar work and these were options I was reluctantly going to take up, because if you are a director of a company it puts all other potential employers off. Then as so often happens my luck changed at the last moment and a nice little job appeared on the horizon.

I was at the gym on one of my meandering doing nothing days before Christmas when I bumped in to a chap called Tim who I used to play 5 a side football with. I knew he ran his own business leasing and maintaining office equipment (Faxes, Photo Copiers, Printers etc) so I cheekily asked him if he had any roles in customer service, and remarkably he did. We thrashed out a package that suited us both and hey presto I am working four days a week with a spare day to do my other bits. Tim is a good chap, he is rather blunt which I prefer to a back stabber any day and all he wants from me is to be smart, polite to customers, and be flexible in the workplace. I can handle that no problem, I like dealing with clients.

I have been there two days now and despite feeling a bit tired, I really enjoy working with people again rather than being stuck at home waiting for things to happen and going hours without speaking to anyone except myself (which I had started doing) and Facebook. If I had money I could keep busy without work no problem, but being stuck at home when you are having to count the pennies and having no one to converse with is no good to anyone except the psychiatrist who’s chair you will end up in suffering from low self esteem. So thanks for the job Tim, it is a God send and has released me of many worries at a stroke.

So sorry for the disappointingly unfunny Blog, but I aim to be back doing them 2-3 times a week in the next few days, I just didn’t want anyone to think I had packed them in altogether.

Right….bed now……………… in the morning!!!

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