That Was 2010

Posted on January 1, 2011

Well we are now in to 2011 and I have spent the day with a fair to moderate hangover after making a late decision to visit the Fox at North Waltham to witness a subdued entry in to the New Year. The pub was reasonably busy and outside there was a Marquee with a party which looked like the Daily Mail readers annual ball complete with the distinct whiff of middle class smugness in the air, but hey, each to their own. I even diced with the thought of driving home at midnight but my friends Lesley and Nick convinced me that a bed was available at their house, so I stayed there and meandered home this morning. New Years parties have never been that memorable for me, and this one was no exception, I am now craving for the normality that new work projects are bringing me next week.

England with the 20/20 World Cup Trophy

2010 was a year of ups and down for many, and looking back through my Blog it is quite interesting to see the things that went on that are now feeling like distant memories such as the bitter weather that started the year, the volcanic ash from Iceland in the spring, the general election debacle, the trapped miners, and possibly the worst football world cup finals tournament in history. High points included a 20/20 World cup victory for Englands cricketers in an unbeaten year that also saw the retaining the Ashes just this week. The England cricket team really are becoming something to be proud of, and a series victory over India in the coming summer will see them reaching number one status in world cricket.

The biggest let down of all had to be the World Cup in South Africa though, as vuvuzelas wrecked the atmosphere at matches that were played with beach balls in a maximum effort to turn it in to the circus FIFA craves. Star names such as Messi, Rooney, Kaka and Ronaldo all turned up and lacked interest and despite the hopelessness of the English they were still surpassed by the Italians and the French as the competition developed in to a battle of total ineptitude. The only teams that showed up were Germany and Spain, and the brutal performance by the Dutch in the final summed up a competition many have forgotten already. International football is at an all time low and not just in England.

However, their were other sporting highs, Lee Westwood is the worlds number golfer and Europe regained the Ryder Cup in the quagmire of Celtic Manor and closer to home for me, Reading FC reached the quarter finals of the FA Cup for the first time since 1927 and beat Liverpool at Anfield along the way. Meanwhile Andrew Murray remained in his position just behind two of the greatest tennis players of all time and he must rue the fact that in another generation his trophy cabinet would be a bursting point. I am predicting a major for him this year, and the same goes for Lee Westwood in golf.

So in 2011 I am also predicting a long awaited hot summer, a collapse of the coalition government, further dross from the English football team, glory for the English cricket team, a Premier League crown for Man City and play off misery for the Royals. I am praying that new projects I have commencing are going to work out and that the worst of the financial crisis is also behind us so I can buy some new shoes. On a local sporting note, I have high hopes that the under 15 cricket team I run will continue their winning streak and go on to collect the indoor and outdoor trophies in the NHYL that their efforts deserve and personally, after scores of 32, 27 and 22 this year I will be striving, in my 44th year, for my maiden Sunday cricket half century.

Whatever you do, and whoever you are, dust off the winter cobwebs, shake off the cold and have a bloody good New Year!

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