Hacking Sensation as the Cricketgate Scandal Continues!

Posted on July 6, 2011

The Cricket scandal has now moved from within the clubs involved to the the hierarchy at the League. There is now a stand off between the clubs that has got so serious that a trained mediator may have to step in. The crux of the matter is this: There is no way that the guy from the other club is going to accept he was wrong and there is no way we are going to accept he wasn’t, the two clubs are poles apart. One option is a rematch, but I fear that it will end up like a 2011 version of the bodyline series where England captain Douglas Jardine ordered the peppering of the heads of startled Australian cricketers. The continued fury of many of the players and parents at our club is something I am quite proud of, if you haven’t got passion, what’s the point in it all? However, arming a fast developing and angry fifteen year old with solid piece of leather and willow cricket bat may not be wise at this stage of proceedings.

My chief concern now, is that judging by recent events, I may have had my phone hacked by dodgy journalists at the Basingstoke Gazette looking to juice up the story, which, let’s face it, put in the hands of the right author would make more compelling reading than Maria Miller’s on going obsession with traveller sites or the tedious argument about whether Tesco’s should have a superstore in Brighton Hill. This is under debate because Brighton Hill already has an ASDA store where you can experience the thrill of what it would be like to go shopping at the Basingstoke accident and emergency ward at 11.30pm on a Friday night. I have never been in such an unfriendly supermarket, who else knows a shop where one unfortunate bump of a trolley could lead to getting your teeth knocked down your throat? I don’t like it there much, so a Tesco’s is fine by me if it lengthens the odds of getting a nasty facial injury.

I must be really naive, because, and I kid you not here, until yesterday, I thought phone hacking occured when an unscrupolous individual stole the cellphone of a celebrity from their handbag, car or house, before hacking it open with a bread knife and removing the Sim card and stealing all the messages, though I suppose if they have stolen it, there is no reason to hack it open, they could just scroll through it. I didn’t realise that these unsavoury journalists could actually get in to an individuals phone by using an outside source, how they do it I am fucked if I know, but the more you analyse it, the more sinister it becomes, especially as the business that practices what we are witnessing is the Murdoch News International media empire, the same media empire that David Cameron and Tony Blair before him, have prostituted themselves to for support in election campaigns. This is the same media empire that is looking to take 100% control of BSKYB with the backing from David Cameron. This will get worse.

The Evil Empire: Brooks and Murdoch of News International

Rather sadly, it has taken the case of Milly Dowler to highlight what has happened, as the public seem to think that celebrities and footballers are fair game when it comes to privacy, but let’s be honest, it’s just not right is it? Don’t forget this……when the hacker realised Milly Dowler’s voice mailbox was full he deleted messages so new calls could be retrieved. Can you imagine being in the tortured state of not knowing where your child is and the relief you would feel when you rang again and discovered that the mailbox was no longer full, giving you false hope? That is cretinous behaviour that is beyond belief and beyond redemption, there is simply no justification for what has happened, I have always hated Murdoch and his despicable empire, now I hate them even more. I also hate the politicians who have cosied up to Rebekah Brooks, Rupert Murdoch’s media puppet. Politicians have let the tail wag the dog for too long, David Cameron’s former Press Officer David Coulson (former editor NOTW) knew all this was going on and Tony Blair was great buddies with both Rebekah Brooks and Murdoch during his time as Labour leader. David Cameron goes horse riding with Rebekah Brooks for fucks sake! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!

Basically speaking, political parties, whether they are Conservative or Labour have got themselves in to such a state that they are not allowed to make political decisions without consulting News International first, the same News International who bribe, steal and hack their way through people’s lives. News International are becoming the Thought Police as predicted George Orwell. Who is going to be brave enough to expose all this to it’s core I don’t know, but their life is in grave danger, because if, as they are saying, this is the tip of the iceberg, the whole fabric of democracy or what we see as free society will be challenged. It really is that bad.The biggest problem now, is that any politician who does not whore themselves to Murdoch will have their name dragged through the mud, they will have every skeleton exposed and every phone call hacked, they will be fucked over, big style. You only have to look at how the political careers of Neil Kinnock and Gordon Brown were wrecked to see that.

Buying the NOTW this weekend is the equivalent of sponsoring phone hacking, try not to do it, even if you are desperate to see if Ash and Cheryl have been out clubbing together or whether Jordan has had her tits done again.

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