Where is the Beginning of the end of Corruption?

Posted on July 9, 2011

As more and more dirt is being dished out on a daily basis it is becoming more and more difficult to begin to understand how the mess that is the hacking scandal is going to be sorted out. If you have bent coppers, bent journalists, bent politicians and bent judges where the hell do you begin? The News International Group has got itself in to such a position of power, that to uncover all the wrong doing over the last 25 years is a task that is near on impossible. At the moment there is a police investigation going on with the token arrest of Andy Coulson, but as much dirt that the police will find, News International will have equal amounts in return. The whole fabric of our society has to be looked at.

In my opinion, part of the problem is that we live in a society where any gossip about a well-known figure can be used by the press and the police for blackmail and bribery, if we the public have a desire to be intrigued by gossip in the red tops, that in turn makes everyone corruptible. What I am saying is that I do not know one of my friends who, if they were catapulted in to a position of authority or government, wouldn’t have a skeleton in the cupboard. I don’t consider myself (you may beg to differ) to particularly abnormal as a male of the species, but if I was in a high profile position, I would be well and truly fucked, I have more skeletons than a graveyard and so do most people who have a bit of fun in their life. If we could start accepting that people aren’t perfect we might get more dynamic politicians than drips like Blair and Cameron, both of whom are liars regardless.

I have in my time as a youth, taken ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines, never at addictive levels, but I have had a go at all of them out of curiosity, it is something I am neither particularly proud or ashamed of. I have drunk too much on occasion, I have been in lap dancing bars on stag weekends and I have trawled night clubs during the early hours seeking female left overs for company, many of them desperately short of any attractive features in the cold light of day. This may have all been over 20 years ago but that would be enough to keep the News of the World busy for a few weeks and effectively end my career. Unless of course I cosied up to them and gave them dirt on others, a press supergrass as it were. It is a fact that potentially brilliant careers have been wrecked by the press over trivial matters like a joint at university, a few whiskies after a long day, or being found asphysiating in a pair of suspenders with an orange rammed in the mouth.

If we are really going to change Britain for a better place and rid it of interference from scum like Murdoch and Rebekkah Brooks, we need to re-educate the masses in to accepting that no one is perfect, but if their intentions are good, they should be allowed to get on with doing good in society. If people didn’t read all the shit published in the Sun and the NOTW it wouldn’t sale any copies, simple as that. However, if governments were to educate the masses to higher standards they would fear a challenge to their own authority, so by having an education system that teaches the majority of us how to be thick, they are also teaching people that it is okay to read about them having a hot crumpet rammed up their arse at Eton College. Do you see what I mean now, when I say where the Hell do you start changing society for a better place.

What is really depressing, is that the people who have been so outraged about the Milly Dowler scandal will be queuing up like sheep to buy the Sunday Sun or whatever the fuck they are going to call it. The journalists working for it will be the same and the people taking bribes and bungs from it will be the same coppers, judges and politicians, because the apathy of the masses will allow it to happen. Meanwhile David Cameron will be with it’s owners, horse riding in Gloucestershire countryside safe in the knowledge that his skeletons are in the padlocked cupboard, with the keys lying at the bottom of the local trout stream. He has no choice, if he tries to break away and think for himself, there will be a story about him wanking over a picture of Margaret Thatcher ready to be published at the first opportunity. He will be okay, just as long as he stay on the side of News International.

Governments don’t run this country, Rupert Murdoch does, if we are ever going change that, it has to be now, otherwise our children can look to a future of being controlled and brainwashed by the Thought Police. A police investigation by bent coppers in to the actions of the press is the worst way to sort this mess out, it like a murderer being nominated the judge at his own trial, if it wasn’t so fucking depressing it would be funny. Whilst this all goes on I will stick to my own principles in life and I will pass them down to my children. Never trust the police, never trust a politician and never trust anyone associated with News International. I really hope there is a day when I can tell them to respect the police rather than to just stay on the right side of them out of fear of persecution. We can all dream can’t we?

We have all done plenty of things wrong in our lives, but no one I am associated with has behaved like those bunch of immoral, cretinous bastards. Party at my house when that nasty old cunt Murdoch snuffs it, all invited. No mobile phones.

2 Replies to "Where is the Beginning of the end of Corruption?"

  • Anonymous
    July 9, 2011 (3:07 pm)

    If Murdoch and Thatcher were to go in the same week I think I would party until I'm dead!!

  • Trevor and Amy
    July 12, 2011 (10:11 am)

    oh yes indeed what an incredible double that would be!!

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