The Soho Session!

Posted on December 15, 2012

Sometimes I worry myself irrationally that my grandchildren will live in a world where an evenings entertainment for them consists of eating as much limp salad as they want in a Harvester restaurant as they sip John Smiths extra smooth bitter whilst some music created by the devil sperm of Simon Cowell plays in the background. It is a world that would almost certainly send me for a walk in the forest with a revolver.

Then,  just as I am losing hope, a show put together by students and amateurs restores my faith in the human race. I was sent this link by a friend of mine, it is a show put together for young and up an coming independent bands and rather weird older ones; I thought it was brilliant, in particular the first two bands called The Supernovas and The Midnight Specials.

I was quite lucky to receive this as by chance, my friend Steve, is friends with the sound producer who helped with the making of show, here’s what he (the producer) had to say;

“I oversee all the sound and then do all the post as well, although I ended up as camera op on the supernovas and specials as we were short of competent people and James, a student from Alchemea audio college recorded the sound. Eventually I’m hoping that we can train students to do a lot more! Both Pete and Phil liked the Midnight Specials too, and found it a bit surprising that such young kids were playing that stuff.

Overall I’m really pleased with it, I could go on about the technical cock ups but hey, it’s a live show, and we did it for nothing in just over a week.”

Personally speaking, I think this is really heartwarming stuff and evidence that there are lots of young people out there trying to buck the trend of trash culture by producing original music using their own imagination rather hanging around outside city halls across the nation hoping that an X Factor research worker will spot them and develop them in to a temporary star.

I hope you like the show, if you like original music I’m sure you will.


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  • Erik
    December 15, 2012 (10:08 pm)

    Thanks Bob, lets hope we succeed, and anyways, we enjoy it which is way more important!

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