Oh Flower of Scotland!

Posted on September 18, 2014

It is days like today when I wish my mother (a Scot) was still alive, because she was a woman who could start a debate in an empty room. However, the room wouldn’t be empty, as she would have organised some sort of referendum party and much to the despair of my father, she would have invited every Tom, Dick and Harry she passed in the street.

However she is dead and has been for some time, so it leaves me to wonder whether she would want to see Scotland as part of a United Britain or free at last from Westminster rule. I just don’t know.


Over the last week my own personal view, for what it is worth, has swung from thinking that surely Scotland were better IN, to actually, why shouldn’t they create their own destiny based on the principles of a fair society, a co-operative if you like…A society that is self governed with 97% of the population vote.

As someone who is mixed race (half Scottish, half English) I am envious of my cousins, aunties and uncles today, as they, for the first time in history, hold the future in their palms and the light they can see at the end of the tunnel, is one where the people run the country, not the media tycoons or the huge corporations.

What is currently apparent in the UK is that voting is a waste of time because all the three main political parties have whored themselves to corporations and mega wealthy media tycoons , or are indeed, installed by them, as is the case with the current Conservative party that is made up of, and funded by, Old Etonians, land owners and hedge fund managers who get adorned with Knighthoods for their support.

It is no coincidence that the man who sold off the Royal Mail was George Osborne’s Best Man.

Since the 1940’s, the turnout at general elections has dropped by  roughly 20% with only 60% of the electorate bothering to vote nowadays as apathy has taken hold.

In 1945, Churchill, the popular war leader, was drummed out of power by a Labour landslide off the back of the people voting in radical welfare reforms, free education for all at the point of delivery and the NHS which resulted in dramatic changes in the health of our nation; everyone knows someone who would be dead by now if it wasn’t for the NHS.

Somewhere down the line the peoples cry for a fairer society has been lost and wherever you look, people seem to be in it entirely for themselves, suing anyone they can think of, employers, the health service, or anyone else an unscrupulous blame claim organisation that is advertising during breaks in the Jeremy Kyle Show, can think of.

“Ever been on a 1970’s BBC Kids show when it wasn’t your fault.”

The blame for these break down in society lies firmly at the feet of successive Governments, both Conservative and “New” Labour, who have been hooked on greed and have had their fingers in the pies of, or worse still, been on the board of directors of corporate banks and asset strippers, as well as taking what they can from the tax payer by forging their expenses claims.

When people see their alleged leaders taking and stealing, they just think sod it, I’ll see how I can make fraudulent claims or jump in a bucket of hot tar and fleece my employer for twenty grand. A benefit fraudster is no worse than an MP forging expenses claims or a Government taking £1.5 million funding from a company they have sold care services to…One does it from a sink estate, the other from a country mansion…It is all theft.

The real crooks aren’t from a council estate driving an untaxed van, they are sat in 10 Downing Street, and they work for Uncle Sam.

Everyone is in the act, I remember seeing a football match last year where Newcastle were playing Hull City in a game which judging by the shirts, was Cash Converters versus Wonga. Newcastle and Hull will happily take money that has, in one way or another, come from the desperately poor supporters of their clubs.

There are few morals left because for decades, we have been led by Governments where greed comes before a society where the successful can thrive and the not so successful can be taken care of.

The Scottish Independence vote has the power to change the perception of people in England, it has the ability to put a stop to tax avoidance, links between Government and media and worst of all, Governments that are effectively put in place by Global corporations who have no interest in a better society.

If Scotland can pull off a shock and become successfully independent, it is also an opportunity for people to change here in England and seek a Government that serves the people, not just the elite who currently have no opposition.

If Scotland vote no, at least the last few weeks have woken people from their apathy and it may be the start of change in the political order, a British Spring if you like; a time when people know that they are turning up at the ballot box voting for a fairer society where the distribution of wealth is just confined to the 1% elite.

A report on Britain’s wealth suggested that the top five wealthiest people in Britain had more money than 12.5 million of our population put together.

I don’t care if people get rich through hard work but for Christ’s sake, that is just ludicrous.

It’s time for a new political force to rise up (not those racist clowns UKIP) and serve the masses and I intend to be its leader…The English Social Democrats are coming.

Surely I can beat super crook, Basingstoke’s finest MP, Maria “Second Home” Miller?

2 Replies to "Oh Flower of Scotland!"

  • Jacqui Sanwell
    September 18, 2014 (12:22 pm)

    Nice piece Bob, very nice piece.

  • Lorna Harrison
    September 20, 2014 (9:39 am)

    Just read this Bob after the ISIS blog and left my comments re Scotland there! My sentiments exactly and I’m starting to understand how cathartic your writing must be for you given the utter frustration of the state of society, as you say morally bankrupt and fuelled by insatiable greed for money, assets and power. Whilst the story of human nature may lead us to think it has always been this way and always will be I would have hoped that the information era and the ability to tap into the universe of info and connectivity of people through the net could lead to revolutionary ways for people to demand better. But then if the majority, as has been suggested, are struggling with their weight, figuring out why a forty hour week on minimum wages doesn’t cover the basics without WTC and finally slumping down in front of X-factor then I suppose there is no dynamic energy left to really give a fuck! Pass the Nachos please!

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