Scottish Independence – An Omni-shambles of Socio-Economic Chaos?

Posted on September 9, 2014

It is fair to say that down here in England, there only seems to be negligible interest in the Scottish Independence vote that is to be cast on the 18th September.

As someone with diluted Scottish blood running through my veins I should really have been paying more of an interest and I have tried, but neither Alistair Darling or Alex Salmond have triggered my brain enough. Not until this week anyway.

Whenever I hear Alistair Darling speak, I drift off in to another world and the first late night face off with Alex Salmond was the adult equivalent of being sung rock-a by baby. Salmond is worse still, an attention seeker in the mould of Nigel Farage, who seems, from the little I have read, to want his cake (a large slice) and ravenously eat it.

Alex Salmond Retains His Post As First Minister And Creates Scotland's First Majority Government

Salmond; Playing on Scotland’s Fears With Nationalistic Fervour?

The Yes vote hasn’t been taken seriously until this week, when a new poll revealed that for the first time, it had turned in Salmond’s favour with 51% apparently edging towards independence, a wake up call that had Darling wishing he had worn brown trousers.

It may seem an odd choice for the former Labour chancellor to team up with the Tories in the Better Together campaign but I am guessing the reason behind this cross party union is that he (Darling) is a Scotsman representing as an MP in Edinburgh and a campaign with someone like David Cameron or George Osborne at its forefront would lead to a 100% Yes vote.

David Cameron is about as popular in Scotland as anthrax and the majority of people there, quite understandably, see him as a chubby and smug. shiny faced public schoolboy, whose only interest in Scotland comes when he is invited to ride horses and shoot all creatures great and small in the grounds of some press tycoon’s Highland Castle.

However, Cameron will be well advised if nothing else, and there must be something economically dramatic at stake at the loss of Scotland from the Union, otherwise he would just tell them to clear off and enjoy being the Prime minister for England forever more. Why would he be Prime Minister forever more? Because the Labour party will be effectively finished as a political force without its traditional Scottish stronghold in UK elections.

More importantly for Cameron, if Scotland vote yes, he will face an English nationalist backlash that will be music to the ears of Nigel Farage, who is already plucking at the heartstrings of the traditional jingoists who, inspired by The Daily Express, think we are selling our souls to BongoBongoland.

I see independence as a messy divorce really; it will all begin with everyone being amicable but when Salmond starts cherry picking what he wants and doesn’t want, the English will soon get hacked off and that, in my opinion, could lead to the worst extremes of nationalism (Farage will love it) where hatred festers and civil obedience may well occur, particularly if there is economic turmoil, which many economists predict there will be in abundance.

The Scottish, in my experience of visiting there, tend to see the English like the Irish often do, as millions of colonial aristocrats that look down on them as a lower class, when the fact is, the English, on the whole, are just as repressed as they are. We are not, in general, any better off than them, but the problem is that certain sections of English society attach themselves to, and believe they are part of the aristocracy, just because they can just about afford a huge mortgage, a flat screen TV and a BMW on HP.

I know people who just about survive on working tax credits and still vote Conservative…Why?

The way the repressed English people, many of them who are on the breadline, idolise the aristocracy, is something that has bemused me since the day I learnt to read. This obsession with bowing to people just because they own the Cotswolds has to stop. We don’t owe these people anything and all they do is take off the tax paying masses, exploiting every avoidance loophole known to their big fat accountants.

In my life, faux hatred between the Scots and the English has only really been, from an English point of view anyway, fun poking and teasing at failures in the sporting arena, notably, the series of heroic tragedies in European and World football tournaments where both nations show admirable allegiance by specialising in spectacular calamities.

Perhaps it is my blood line, but I don’t really mind the Scots at all, they are in my experience, funny and often very bright, but I do get a feeling they really don’t like us, suffering from a bizarre inferiority complex when in fact, just like the English, the only people they are inferior to are a small elite group of Old Etonians from the Home Counties who dominate and rape our Kingdoms wealth.

With a split, I fear that hatred will intensify and maybe even lead to new calls for a United Ireland and other splinter groups of independents, Cornwall for example. Salmond’s campaign is orchestrated in a clever way, playing on repression to turn the Scot’s against English but the dangers that lie within that don’t bare thinking about…Hating your neighbour is not a way forward for peace and economic prosperity.

Imagine Scotland under Salmond and England under Farage…Socio-Economic carnage can be the only result.

The best way forward is surely to all be in it together for the good of the masses of the United Kingdom, rather than the current regime who are so blatantly in it together to fill their own pockets. The Scottish swing towards independence is dangerous but it is also understandable as they are waking up, getting a smell of coffee, and realising that they have spent decades getting ripped off…However, not by the majority of the English, the minority.

Britain is crying out for a peoples leader, not the self-serving types in Tory Party or their New Labour clones in opposition but someone who actually represent the nation as a whole. However, the public get’s what the public wants and for as long as we allow ourselves get conned by the right wing media groups, any decent well meaning politician will be demonised and persecuted in the Dacre and Murdoch press.


We have been protected in the South, but the longer a small group of tycoons, bankers and politicians with fingers in the pies of financial institutions, are allowed to get away with it, the more likely we are going to end up living in a cesspit of UKIP inspired, obese, racist, ill educated morons who are clinically ill and addicted to fast food and anti-depressants.

The English need to smell the coffee too, because when all the money disappears into various tax havens and there is nothing left, the Cotswold set will clear off down to Provence and leave us all to fester in our own economic misery.

I know I am talking in the extreme but something has to change before classes and nations divide irreversibly and that will be to the detriment of all of us.

For the time being, I will just have to satisfy myself with thought of Alistair’s wife bringing him his coffee on the morning of the latest opinion poll and saying…

“What is the matter with you today Darling?”

2 Replies to "Scottish Independence - An Omni-shambles of Socio-Economic Chaos?"

  • Nick
    September 9, 2014 (9:36 pm)

    Funnily enough Bob the Green Party conference got me thinking along similar lines, i.e. the three main parties are about as relevant the dodo to our political system now. Which leaves people to vote for either the the fairy tale lure of independence (if they live in Scotland, and potentially Wales) or UKIP. So what we need is an inclusive, compassionate, (dare I say) socialist alternative to UKIP. And I think you are the man to lead us. We should find a few that think the same way and stand in our local constituency at next year’s election on a ticket of social justice and a reduction in the wealth gap, progressive partnerships with our neighbours and equality of opportunity for all. We should directly appeal to the disaffected millions who have lost faith (or never had any) in the the big 3 and cannot bring themselves to vote UKIP. We should bypass the mainstream press and do the whole thing virally via social media. Who’s with me?

  • Kirsty
    September 12, 2014 (10:35 am)

    I think I’m a disaffected million or perhaps minion! I have no faith and worse than that I’ve almost lost interest on the basis that nothing seems to change. I don’t want to give up or give in to the idea that “this is just the way it is now with politicians”. Bob, perhaps you should stop writing and start speaking.

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