Stagnation Inspires New Look Blogging!

Posted on October 29, 2015

I have had my youngest son Harry staying with me over the last few days and because he is studying aspects of social media at college, I asked why the growth of this webpage appeared to be slowing down, with ‘new visitors’ only just ahead of ‘returning visitors’.

That’s the trouble with having site statistics, it throws cold water over any fantasies about thousands of people reading your work. As a consequence, opening a page to see how many views you have received is a bit like opening a credit card statement after carefree holiday where, in a state of euphoria, you gave up caring about money.

This stagnation became a conundrum which I must admit, had personal apathy setting in, making me wonder whether it was perhaps time to hang-up my old keyboard and ask the devil for something else to occupy my idle hands.


Viewing site statistics can be a very humbling experience

Harry suggested several things, including the benefits of hash-tagging keywords on tweets, creating more imaginative, attention grabbing headlines and opening paragraphs as well as organising posts so they fall into set categories, allowing the reader to choose what they would like to read (see the new menu at the top of the page).

Another thing that Harry pointed out was that the posts had slowly gone through the process of drifting towards a more political agenda that will attract some but isolate others who have by tradition, read the blog as a form of escapism, a place to have a laugh at my inadequate attempts at sport and DIY etc etc.

The problem is that I don’t want to completely remove politically-motivated posts which I do try to make at least semi-humorous as I get to the point of the matter. This is because I know there are people who read the blog for those purposes only and as well as commenting regularly, they also share them with others. People who share blogs are a valuable asset (hint hint).

However, I don’t want to appear like Prosecco-Socialist all the time because some people just haven’t the inclination to follow me practising the fine art of spleen venting that is generally aimed at the aristocratic members of the British establishment who a few of my regular readers adore with varying degrees of irrationality.

So what I am doing is going back to a bit of variation, maintaining a political agenda as well as writing more about other current affairs, music, sport and leisure and so on. That way I am hoping to reinvigorate something that my gut was telling me was approaching its sell by date. Like any narcissistic writer, I would rather pack it in than face the humiliation of a slow death.

So the categorisation and hash-tagging has commenced and I am also looking to cut down on the content in the hope I can get to the point quicker, which is something of a metaphor for my life I guess.

Anyway, what about that old bag Karren Brady voting to cut working tax credits!?!?

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