Why Do Celebrity Peers Demonise the Poor?

Posted on October 31, 2015

After a largely uneventful working week, I managed to bring Friday to a spectacular climax by creating an unenviable situation where I managed to upset two of my customers in the space of an hour.

The detail is too complex to elaborate on (due to my all new shortened blogs) but it was a situation that could have been avoided by better communication from all parties but ended with me, the supplier, having to make all the grovelling apologies.

Only time will tell if it takes a weekend, a week or a lifetime to heal the wounds but if there is one thing that is certain, being disliked, however temporarily, is not something I yearn for as I do try to please all, which is in itself is a failing, particularly in business.

However, to some, who by means of a combination of good fortune, hard work, sound business acumen and ruthless endeavour, being vindictive against those who haven’t reached the same levels of achievement, seems to be a pleasurable experience.

This was highlighted this week when the likes of Lord Coe, Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Karen Brady and Michelle Mone, pulled out all the stops to vote for the increasingly unpopular government policy to halt tax credits to the working poor.

What on earth would make Lloyd-Webber (worth £650 million) feel the desire to jet in from New York and virtually sprint into the House of Lords to vote on something that will have no relevance to his life whatsoever?

It would appear it can only be hatred of those peasants on low pay, who work in shops, public services and factories.


Lloyd Webber: Yuk!

Then there is Karen Brady, who, fair play to her, capitalised on a privileged education as the daughter of an allegedly dodgy businessman, to seal a huge advertising deal with porn barons, David Gold and David Sullivan, before going on to work for them and indeed, cajole them in to buying Birmingham City football club where she was appointed CEO at just 23.

Brady went on to further success both with and without the purveyors of the Sport Newspaper and various wank mags and is now a director at West Ham United, where with some ingenuity, she, along with the porn barons, has managed to secure a mind-boggling deal for the club to rent the Olympic stadium for a pittance and get the tax payer to foot the rest of the bill.

Karen Brady is loaded, so why on earth does she seem hate the working poor, many of them who will be supporters of West Ham United?

Then there is the one I dislike most of all, Ultima bra woman, Michelle Mone, who looks like the evil sister of twee BBC weather forecaster, Carol Kirkwood, a relatively harmless individual, who does however, begin to fill me with moderate nausea around about the time of her third forecast of the morning on BBC Breakfast.

Judging by her tweets, Mone really has no time for poor people, conveniently forgetting that only a few people are succesful, by claiming that with hard work everyone could be as great as she is. That is impossible of course and Michelle, who is allegedly not adverse to the odd calculated bankruptcy, has failed to grasp how if everyone in this nation made a few million making breast enhancing bras, who would run public services or work at the shops that sold her lingerie…robots perhaps?

One person that must be seething that she has not been appointed as a celebrity Tory peer so she can vote against the poor, must be Katie Hopkins. To be toppled from the top of the poor-hating tree must be killing her inside and her mind must be in overdrive about how she can regain ground on the feminists who have made a fortune out of women’s breasts.

I saw Andrew Lloyd-Webber in Sasso’s restaurant in Kingsclere once and I remember remarking to my late mother what a punchable face he had. The ‘Imp of the Perverse’ inside me imagined a situation where I was surging towards him as the delicate frame of my mother desperately attempted to hold me back.

It is to my internal regret that the fantasy stayed within and the opportunity passed me by.

1 Reply to "Why Do Celebrity Peers Demonise the Poor?"

  • Karen Embury
    October 31, 2015 (7:32 pm)

    You have the answer in your words ‘ruthless endeavour ‘. The people you mentioned made it because they are ruthless. The one with the face due a punch has I think only voted twice. He flew in from New York to vote for the first time in two years. Why? Because their only loyalty is to themselves and those who put them in the upper house. They called in a favour (it was a rather close vote) and no doubt he will be rewarded in someway in the future. They are nasty, twisted , horrid people who care little of others. That’s how they got where they are. I would not even call them be vindictive because that’s hints at a measure of feeling which they all failed to display. Sad world but that’s the Tories…

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