Come on Admit it, You Don’t Understand the Syria Conflict!

Posted on December 1, 2015

The Syria conflict is all in the news again, because tomorrow, MP’s will vote whether to back our Prime Minister and launch air strikes on the enemy who we funded as rebels against the former enemy who might still be the enemy but not as bad as the new enemy whom are the breakaway from the rebels who broke away and fought against Assad during the Arab Spring when he was definitely our enemy.


Syria: Whose side are you on and for how long?

Let’s face it, you have more chance of working out who started a mass female brawl during the latter stages of a Blackpool hen party.

So, what happens is that tomorrow, our members of parliament are asked to vote not for their party but their moral conscience.

It is worth noting that there will be plenty of MP’s voting tomorrow who used their moral conscience to become shareholders at private healthcare companies bidding for Government contracts or sold the Royal Mail to their best man in return for party donations and the exchanging of Knighthoods.

There will be others who have sanctioned the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia to fund the rebels who went on to use them under their new ideology, ISIS, and others who used their expenses to have sex with party activists in London hotels.

Asking most MP’s to utilise their conscience in a way that is beneficial is like giving Peter Sutcliffe a community day release from prison, offering him a day pass to a lap dancing bar armed with a hammer, and asking him to behave morally.

However, we don’t help ourselves and our own conscience also needs to be checked, because the masses keep voting these lot in and when one like Jeremy Corbyn, who has a faultless expenses record, comes along, he is ridiculed for having leather patches on the elbows of his jacket.

During the expenses scandal old Jeremy came out squeaky clean…well almost, as it was recorded he claimed £9.82 for a cartridge for his printer which I am surprised The Daily Mail or The Sun haven’t picked up on.


So what we have is a situation where there are splits in all parties whether to launch air strikes in Syria…well I say all parties but as far as I can gather the SNP will all be voting no, whether they want to or not…that’s democracy for you.

Corbyn will be voting no as well and those who want him out as early as possible are licking their lips and voting yes, which means, sadly, there are domestic political reasons for their behaviour which really does have a stench about it when world peace could be at stake.

Personally, I can’t see what air strikes can achieve unless we are accepting that to wipe out ISIS, the price will be the loss of thousands of civilian lives and a vacuum for another western hating army to form; it’s just an opinion but history tells us every bomb is an extremist recruiting tool.

That said, when we go to the polling stations, we are voting for someone or a party that we feel, has the interests of our nation at its heart, so at some point we have to go with the choices made by the people we put in power; we can’t have a referendum on everything, especially something the general public find hard to grasp.

Like many other people who read this post I have struggled to get my head around and keep up with the Syrian crisis but one thing I am sure of is that there is nothing to gain by turning on those trying to escape from living hell (the refugees).

The best thing I have seen as an ‘idiots guide’ to the crisis is a video on the Huffingdon Post website (below) that simplifies the whole situation as much as possible but be warned, it is as depressing as it is enlightening.

In the meantime we have to wait and try to trust that our elected members of parliament are voting for the sake of humanity, not for their back pockets or domestic political gain.

Sadly, I won’t hold my breath.

1 Reply to "Come on Admit it, You Don't Understand the Syria Conflict!"

  • Karen Embury
    December 1, 2015 (10:54 pm)

    Don’t hold your breath for Mp’s to show a moral conscience . With one or two exceptions if they ever had one its removed before they are elected. I too am against bombing Syria . Strange how so many Mp’s who have never heard shot fired in anger are so ready to send others to do so. I’m afraid Cameron will get his way and with the foot in the door troops on the ground will follow. We still have food banks and even junior doctors are treatening to strike. Strange how there is always money for war.

    Politics is a dirty business and dodgy Dave is up to his neck in it.
    I have yet to meet anyone from my son to my friends who think bombing is a way forward. But with the grip on the media our voices go largely unheard or reported.

    It’s a sad bloody mess that will I fear only get worse.

    Well done on speaking out. Someone has to!

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