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Posted on December 7, 2015

If you talk to anyone who has a left-wing bias to their politics, you will generally find individuals who have similar ideologies of social equality.

These include protection of the NHS from privatisation, equal education for all at the point of delivery, fair taxation, worker’s rights and national responsibility for those who are elderly, sick, or less fortunate than ourselves.

That’s why they (Labour) get votes, because they have ideologies that evolve from common decency, offering a cradle to grave promise to all citizens should they become sick or old, which is pretty much a formality unless you are run over, struck by lightning or sent to a Middle Eastern civil war.

When it comes to war and defence policy becomes increasingly complex, with some Labour MP’s believing in out and out unilateral disarmament and a policy of ‘jaw jaw, not war war‘ whilst others believe attack is the best form of defence, (Tony Blair being a fine example).

With Britain’s recent track record in the Middle East being as patchy as an England World cup campaign, more and more UK citizens (including Conservatives) have been reluctant to support another situation where there is no logical positive conclusion with the only certainty of air strikes being an increase in terrorist attacks.

So, when 66 Labour MP’s (with unsavoury roars of approval in Parliament) voted for air strikes, the extreme left of the Labour party steamed in, sending their own MP’s pictures of dead Syrian babies amongst other unpleasant emails and tweets.

Personally, I didn’t think bombing Syria was a solution, more an act of bravado by MP’s trying to look important. However, when they were rightly given a free vote by Jeremy Corbyn they saw it fit vote for air strikes, so they will either have to live with the consequences of their actions or wallow in self-righteousness in the unlikely event it all goes to plan…if there is a plan?

That’s democracy for you, you don’t always get the result you want. Despite this, it didn’t stop the hard left campaign group, Momentum, basically threatening Labour MP’s for exercising their right to vote the way they see fit.

This is where I lose my will to support the Labour Party sometimes, because I don’t want to be associated with people whose only argument for a cause is to scream “Tory Scum” at anyone they pass in the street and spend their day trolling MP’s from their own party when they could have done something constructive…like going to work perhaps?


Stella Creasy: Threatened and abused by hard left members

Politics is quite interesting in this aspect because in the hard left of politics it goes the full circle and meets up with the hard right. Some of these hard-left groups are as vindictive, violent and sinister as those on the far right…in fact they are more or less the same people.

Oswald Moseley was a Socialist, don’t forget, fighting for workers rights and full employment as he became, at least temporarily, the popular man of the British worker. However, as time passed, anyone with a dissenting voice was removed from meetings and when the Labour hierarchy denied him (Moseley) a platform on the front bench, he left and formed the BUF which advocated the ideology of National Socialism that was being implemented in Nazi Germany.

Far left became far right…how bizarre is that? Socialism can be sinister too, especially when it is National Socialism, as history tells us.

Jeremy Corbyn’s unprecedented rise in popularity has come through politics without confrontation, as he is putting forward understandable ideologies that are difficult to argue with, including targeting tax evaders, supporting the working poor and protecting the NHS from the jaws of privatisation from which, if it were to happen, it will never escape.

He may also prove to be prophetic with regards to his stance on the bombing of Syria, although this will still not win him enough votes to be a Prime Minister unless of course, he moderates his stance on a UK nuclear deterrent.

Everyone wants multilateral nuclear disarmament but not many people want to take the risk of disarmament on a unilateral basis; it’s a bit like going into a cricket match and dropping your best fast bowlers and hoping the opposition will have the decency to do the same.

I like Jeremy Corbyn because he is decent if perhaps a bit of an idealist, but I don’t like the mob who are attaching themselves to him and who claim to despise capitalism but use all the tools created by it to scream their abuse and troll people with death threats via iPads and mobile phones they have purchased off tax evaders.

I too was disappointed that 66 Labour MP’s voted for air strikes but it was their democratic choice. If groups like Momentum are allowed to hijack the Labour Party and force de-selection by trolling, abusing and threatening, I will cancel my membership and I probably won’t be the only one.

Jeremy Corbyn has done well to rise above the vindictive abuse he has received in the Murdoch and Dacre tabloid rags such as The Mail and The Sun and in my opinion he will do well to quickly disassociate himself with the extremists in his party as they will do as much to destroy his credibility as the right-wing media.

My guess is he won’t do enough and those on the centre-left will create an internal coup and seek a return to some sort of of Blairism which will see more wars, subtle NHS privatisation and continued leniency on tax avoidance.

In that case, you might as well vote Conservative and accept we are a one-party state, which is incredibly dangerous.

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