RIP Lennon Karma

Posted on January 21, 2016

Legendary triangle player Lennon Karma has been found dead in his luxury home on the edge of Paulsgrove in Hampshire after a suspected heart attack aged just 68 and a half.

Flat Rubbish

Rock Star Living: Lennon Karma’s Luxury Home

Karma, who triangled for a plethora of sixties rock and folk bands including Hoople Tuesday, The Windows, Seeing Yellow and Dense Pink, was known for pushing the boundaries of triangle playing to unprecedented limits.

In one of his last interviews with the music section of ‘The North Boarhunt Bugle’ Karma went into detail how he pushed the parameters of idiophone technology on his last hit ‘Kaleidoscope in my Brain’ which peaked at number 473 in 1967.

Hey man, you have to remember that in the early days, triangles did not have an opening and had jingling rings along the lower side”, said Karma as he tugged on a spliff the size of a carrot.

“The triangle is by no means a simple instrument to play man, with the right atmosphere and mind altering drugs, it can be a subtle and expressive instrument that makes a beautiful tone with a vibration that is just…just…out there man.”

Lennon Karma

‘Mr Triangle’ getting absolutely ruined at a recent festival

As tributes poured in from people on Facebook who didn’t even have a clue who Karma was, former band members paid tribute to the man simply remembered as “Mr Triangle”.

Former tambourine legend Tranquilla Willow, known to many as “Mr Tambourine Man” was one of the first to remember Karma.

“Holy shit man, is he still alive? Jesus above that man could play man, he was a wizard with a triangle…I can remember on our single ‘The Willow Tree Talks’ he played with the triangle behind his back man. He was a crazy guy man; he could even play that thing on an LSD, Magic Mushroom cocktail man.”

Wannabe Guardian Arts columnist Tristram Toss, who is 22 next week, described Karma as “A man who became the first post-modernist, sixties triangle innovator to merge together an Avant Garde, art deco surrealism”.

“What Lennon did was have us all believing we could swim in a hallucinogenic pool of ecstasy to release us from our own capitalist graveyards”.

Meanwhile, Twitter was jammed with tributes as news of Karma’s death was broken by The Porstmouth Evening News; here are just a few messages of condolences.

“RIP big man, you invented the triangle.” @dolequeudave

“RIP Karma if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have discovered drugs” @mushroomdealer

“You were the triangle book for my youth” @sympathynarcissist

“Gone but never forgotten..RIP Karma Lennon” @iRIPeveryone

“Don’t know you are but RIP anyway” @sexysuzyonline

Lennon Karma leaves behind a Terrier Cross, Scruff, three budgies and a minor marijuana plantation with an approximate street value of £127.00

A back catalogue of Karma’s work is available from his friend “Dustbin Dave” who will send copies on c90 tapes upon receipt of £10:00…Cash!

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