Are we Heading For WWIII in Syria?

Posted on February 18, 2016

Rumours are afoot in the world of conspiracy theorists that we are now just weeks away from World War Three, with the epicentre for Armageddon being where else but Syria of course.

Everyone wants a piece of the action in this country, Russia, America, the U.K, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey…Shall I go on? 

“NO, PLEASE DON’T”, I hear you cry.

If we were to work by the rule of thumb, this means one thing; there is big money and big money territory at stake in this region, otherwise no-one would bother as the humanitarian aspects of this conflict are, sadly, secondary; well, apart from when they are dressed up for purposes of propaganda of course.

I was reading a conspiracy theorist on-line magazine someone posted on Facebook the other day and it was basically saying that Saudi Arabia are mobilising troops on the Syrian border with a view to a Saudi/Turkish coalition invasion of Syria in a matter of weeks, with the objective to overthrow Assad before Russian forces have time to react.

This is apparently to create a Sunni State of Syria. Why? Well, the claim is that rebels attacked by Russia have been supplying oil to Turkey who then sell it to the rest of the world, which really hacks Russia and Assad off as they feel they should be in control of that territory and with ISIS knocking around, they would have a point.


Which side are you on mate? Rebel Fighters in Syria.

Of course, I don’t really know how true this is, because like anyone else who has an IQ of less than 160, I have totally lost the plot of this war and so it seems, has nearly every nation involved.

Some countries don’t even appear to know who they are backing any more and as a consequence this allows a situation to develop where conspiracy theorists can prosper and create on-line magazines called something cheery like Armageddon Monthly or the Holocaust Digest.

I wish I could remember what it was I was reading as it had some excellent looking books advertised on its sidebars, with titles such as ‘Be Prepared’, ‘The Beginning of the End’ and ‘Emigrate While You Still Can’ (presumably not to the Middle East). All that was missing was ‘A Practical Guide to Canned Food and The Holocaust’ and ‘What to do in the Event of a Four Minute Warning.’ 

Shit your sphincter inside out presumably?

Anyway, this got me thinking along the lines of what would make Vladimir Putin have an appetite for a third world war? According to a recent BBC documentary, he has invested his annual salary of $110,000 very wisely, in fact so wisely, he is now worth an estimated $40 billion. Call me Mr Picky but I would say he has more questions to answer than an unknown Tory MP called Hugo Askwith-Giles who has claimed £500.00 in MP’s expenses for getting his moat dredged?

The problem is, if you ask those questions about Putin, the next time you open your lunch box you might find yourself tucking into a cheese and plutonium sandwich, so you are are better off just pretending nothing untoward is going on and avoiding taking your kids to a Pussy Riot gig as an act of rebellion. Go and support Chelsea instead, you’re safe there…well for now anyway, but keep checking because that might change.

If the BBC are correct and all these interviews they carried out with unsavoury looking Putin enemies carrying names like Ivar Hackedizbolloxov, are true, why would a president who has acquired gold yachts, mansions and fine art, want to end the world? Surely it doesn’t make sense, unless he is in a corner and there is nothing else to lose, which doesn’t seem immediately apparent. A rich Russian president with a nuclear bomb is better than a poor president with a nuclear bomb, in my opinion.

Anyway, it seems apparent that Russia will happily attack any anti-Assad rebel group in Syria, which includes the ultimate baddies, ISIS, as well as several other so called moderate groups that are backed by the west, with the allegation being that western, or at least Turkish and Saudi cash has also been involved in heavily backing ISIS who weren’t supposed to be defeated, at least not in Saudi eyes anyway.

The Saudis wanted them (ISIS) to polish off Assad and they were prepared to pay…allegedly

If Turkish and Saudi forces do launch an offensive, it would have to come, presumably, with a US green light, so in effect, that would be seen as an act of war by Hezzbollah, Russia and the Assad regime and they would have no hesitation in shooting back, possibly with tactical nuclear strikes.

Jeez, I am sounding like a theorist of conspiracy now… apart from the fact that I just can’t bring myself to believe the Saudi’s and Turks would be so stupid and invade Syria.

I guess every major power in the world has good reason to have allies in the Middle East, but when there is a situation where every nation appears to be in a barking mad, seething, state of hatred towards its neighbour, picking who you back might as well be conducted by entering a game of Bullseye hosted by Jim Bowen.

Keep out of the black, and in the red; nothing in this game for two in a bed“.

Thud...”That’s red…that’s the coffee percolator and the backing of Israel in the Gaza strip.”

What does seem apparent is that some (Hezbollah and Iran) are demanding a Shiite nation, whilst others (Turkey and Saudi Arabia) want a full blown Sunni nation whilst in the meantime some are even asking why can’t it just be like a Carol Kirkwood BBC weather forecast.

Sunni with occasional Shias.


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