Johnson to Bring Back the Maxi to Rule the Roads After Brexit

Posted on September 17, 2016

The Austin Maxi 1750 should be brought back into production with immediate effect after the Brexit vote dozens of Conservative MP’s, former ministers led by Boris Johnson and an aide to the Queen say.

The Maxi was launched by British Leyland in 1969 with the last model rolling off the Longbridge production line on the 8th of July 1981, the year of the Royal Wedding, Botham’s Ashes and all other things that sent us victorious, happy and glorious (apart from the riots of course).


Hey Sexy: The Original Maxi 1750 in Chocolate Brown

Those who remember the Maxi, will recall it’s practical and spacious bodyshell and innovative front wheel drive chassis, which was interlinked with state of the art five-speed transmission that sometimes worked.

The Maxi suffered from notorious problems with its control linkage, especially in early models which had a cable-operated linkage prone to cable stretch and other problems, leaving former drivers reminiscing a situation that left them with ‘a gearstick in a bowl of porridge’.

However, Maxi campaigner, Boris Johnson, has claimed that the later rod linkage was less problematic and whilst virtually every model that was manufactured suffered problems brought on by the cogs in the sump layout, with the clutch oil seal also prone to leakage, he (Johnson) is confident of the Maxi’s future success.

Speaking from a trapeze opposite the Houses of Parliament, Johnson revealed how excited he was about the prospect of investing the £350 million a week he promised to the NHS to launch the new Maxi.

“Britain is great again, and the launch of the Maxi to rival the BMW’s and Mercedes manufactured by europrats will show that Britain, my Britain, is going to rule again, with golden summers, proper wars and street parties to celebrate my birthday”.

Johnson, who is heading up the design team with Clive Sinclair and Alan Sugar, hopes that the Maxi Amstrad 1750 will be rolling of Britain’s production lines by the end of 2017 to coincide with David Davies celebrating finishing page one of the Brexit plan.


Hey Sexy: The all new Maxi Amstrad 1750 is set to rival BMW and Mercedes

After seeing the the design and test driving the new Maxi at Thruxton race circuit, former Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, had mixed feelings.

“With its original gearbox, a top speed of 97mph and the handling of a cruise liner, this car…is a fucking disaster waiting to happen” said Clarkson as he puffed on a cigarette whilst punching his producer.

Maxi PR executives refused to comment on circulating rumours that Johnson intends to launch the Maxi by ‘accidentally’ driving it through a showroom window.


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