Harry Heads off to University

Posted on September 16, 2016

It was quite poignant that the day when summer was, at an instant, transformed into autumn, turned out to be the one I said goodbye to Harry as he begins the next exciting chapter in his life.

Of course, Harry is heading to Bournemouth University not Afghanistan, but after I dropped him off and the sun began to set to the west, a tear did roll down my self-indulgent cheek, courtesy of the combined emotions of pride, sadness and indeed, a little jealousy.

I am not interested in laying the blame at anyone’s feet, but secondary education numbed Harry’s mind rather than enhancing it, so it is testimony to him that he lit up again at Queen Mary’s College (an excellent place) and achieved the ‘A’ Level grades required for him to take a degree path to the career that he craves.


Harry’s new home at Bournemouth University Village

There were highlights during his secondary school years and I always admired his disdain of prefects who towed the party line despite the obvious flaws of school and the PE teachers who wallowed in their self-importance. To be alert to such things demonstrates a sharp mind.

He was also, and still is, a remarkably talented writer with a brilliant play on words, once managing to fit 20 odd Beyonce songs into an essay without anyone noticing, yet still managing to get an A Grade for his work from his unwitting tutor.  On the whole though, he couldn’t wait to exit school and get to college.

We had a lovely day today, walking along the River Anton in the cool breeze and autumn sunshine, discussing what his housemates might be like and activities of freshers week, before we retired to the garden of a country pub and had a farewell pint.

In general, I do find people who congratulate themselves for great parenthood or having wonderful children a bit nauseous, preferring those who admit their fears and failings as they do their best. Parents who think they are a great parents, are in my experience, to the contrary of their grandiose claims.

However, on this occasion, I hope you will allow me a brief moment of parental pride and fulfilment; I am sure those of you know Harry, will also be pleased for him.

I’ll shut up now.


1 Reply to "Harry Heads off to University"

  • Karen
    September 16, 2016 (8:22 pm)

    Touching piece.All the best for Harry.

    But don’t he will be back,broke and with lots of dirty washing.

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