Rudd Announces Engagement to Fudd!

Posted on September 24, 2016

Rumours are circulating in the media that Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, is set to marry Bugs Bunny nemesis, Elmer Fudd, at a Coltswold mansion next summer.

Ms Rudd, whose CV allegedly boasts a directorship of two tax dodging companies in the Caribbean and one in the UK where her co-director was banged up for fraud, is also thought to be the favourite to host the new BBC reality show, ‘Cook the Books’ which is set to rival ‘The Great British Bake Off.’


Fudd-Rudd in waiting: ‘Cook the Books’ future host Amber Rudd

Her apparent husband to be, Elmer Fudd, has been out of the limelight since retiring as the archenemy of Loony Tunes star, Bugs Bunny, and now works on the estate of former fisheries and agriculture minister, Lord Bunyan MP.

When approached at the estate, Fudd refused to elaborate on the wedding plans, only saying, “Shhhh, be vewy, vewy, quiet, I’m hunting wed kites”.


Wed Kite Hunter: Fudd at the Bunyon Estate yesterday

Wedding planner, Penelope Constance-Anstruther-Fuchs-Witt, could not confirm that Philip Green was set to be Best Man or the showbiz rumours that the music was to provided by 70’s glam rock band, Mud.

“All I can say is that yes, Mr Fudd and Ms Rudd, have long been fans of Mud” said Ms Constance-Anstruther-Fuchs-Witt.

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