Clever Conservatives Pounce on UKIP Territory!

Posted on October 7, 2016

What a bizarre week it has been once again in British politics.

The Conservatives have opted for ‘I’m right hard me, Brexit’ as well as being socialists and fascists on the same day, whilst UKIP, who suddenly have no purpose, have been punching each other into hospital and a European hospital at that.

When I heard Theresa May’s conference speech, I initially thought that she was mocking the Labour party conference before delivering a punchline, but no, on she went, promising to crack down on not just the elite but the metropolitan, liberal elite, no less, which means at least half her own party and virtually every Tory donor in history is in for the chop.

One has to assume that she (May) is either preparing for quite a battle with her MP’s and donors, or she told them beforehand that it was all just a bit of laugh and she would never do such a thing, explaining that she was merely dangling a carrot to the 4 million UKIP voters, many of whom, had once been socialists.

The Tories have done their homework, because UKIP were finished even before new leader, Diane James, made an exit in such haste that it had Sam Allardyce looking like a part of the FA furniture. Of course, just to make doubly sure of their demise, UKIP had a fracas in a party meeting that the BNP would have been proud of.

UKIP were the stereotypical one-trick pony and once the trick was achieved (leaving the EU) there was a vacuum, leaving it down to the wonky closet racists to scrap it out (literally) with the more sinister former BNP types to decide which was the best way for the party to disintegrate. Loony little Englanders or vicious racists? You can see their dilemma.

UKIP are finished and the Conservatives have acted quickly to play for those votes before Labour do. Whether it will work or not is yet to be seen but someone in the Conservative party isn’t stupid, even if the UKIP voters might be.

An early indication of the sincerity of Theresa May came with the Government plan to go ahead with horizontal drilling for shale gas in the North West of England, despite local residents and the council rejecting it. The Government ignored the people and the council, effectively telling them to ‘Go and get fracked!’ despite the following conference commitment.

“When we pass new laws, we will listen not to the mighty, but you”. 

It’s not a great start and it is worth noting that May also voted against banking reforms, a clampdown on tax avoidance and the introduction of mansion tax. Perhaps she has had a change of heart and by Christmas we will be informed that Home secretary, Boris Johnson, no longer has a butler!

On top of all this, May either gave permission to, or forgot to check up on, Amber Rudd, who was busy plagiarizing Mein Kampf before rabidly unleashing it on bemused company bosses who dared to employ someone who was good at their job but happened not to be Anglo-Saxon.

A Sharp Distinction: LBC’s James O’Brien on Amber Rudd’s Speech

Amber Rudd can be nothing but utterly mad, indeed, potentially dangerous, and it wasn’t just moderates and socialists who were disturbed by her rhetoric; she caused alarm across the political spectrum with only the likes of Nick Griffin (remember him?) frothing at the mouth and applauding wildly from his dungeon.

As the punches were thrown in the UKIP meeting, the Conservatives, in their party conference, have in equal measure, been socialists and fascists as they attempt to claim the votes from the post-Brexit debris…it’s almost like they are trying to change the party with a completely new ideology…something like National Socialism perhaps?

There was German term for that in the 1930’s…what was it called again?

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