Remembrance and the Night of the Broken Glass!

Posted on November 11, 2016

Because the internet is so wonderful, it is easy for us to learn new things every day; it is all there with the simple click of a button, so we should use it.

On remembrance day, I always make a point of reading or watching something to do with one of the two wars that decimated the world in the 20th Century.

Today I chose KRISTALLNACHT-Night of the Broken Glass, which occurred on the 9th November 1938 and was, basically, the beginning of the Holocaust. Rather than me bleating on, watch the video below, it will only take 15 minutes of your day.

It will certainly make you proud for what Britain did whilst others turned their backs, unless you had Blackshirt sympathies of course?

I was inspired to watch this video after seeing a Nazi propaganda poster (see below) from the 1930’s. It  depicts a man with middle-eastern features looking shifty whilst an innocent looking white girl looks on with suspicion.

These pictures were used throughout Germany as part of a propaganda machine that depicted Jews as a subhuman race who should be reported to authorities who had the ultimate solution at hand.


Nazi Propaganda Poster?

There is an anomaly in what I have said above and I wonder if anyone saw it and worked it out before reading this next sentence?

That picture wasn’t created by the Josef Goebbels propaganda machine, it was created by Paul Maynard of the British Transport Police. It was then presented to and  signed off by, the Transport Minister, Chris Grayling. It reads “SEE IT. SAY IT. SORTED” and appears all over the underground.

I don’t like that picture and as a friend of mine said, it looks like something from Hitler’s private collection, an echo of the drawings produced by the Nazis in the 30’s to implant a seed of suspicion in German minds.

It would be ludicrous to state that the ministry of transport was about to embark on ethnic cleansing, but as it is day when we are supposed to remember the dead, we should also remember that Nazi Germany didn’t start in the gas chambers; it ended there.

Remember those who are dead but learn about how wars start and ended, I say.



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