“We Don’t Know What We Are Doing, Means We Don’t Know What We Are Doing!”

Posted on November 15, 2016

Leaked Document Shows no Brexit Plan

I don’t know enough about the EU to bleat on about it any further than I already have, but what is obvious, is that those who voted to come out were sold a pup by the ‘Leave’ campaign. In fact, it was obvious from the moment they used the bullshit bus and the £350 million a week for NHS campaign.

Now a document has been leaked confirming the Government have not got a clue what they are doing and may need 30,000 civil servants who don’t know what they are doing, to confirm that they (the Government) definitely do not know what they are doing.

Is it just us British who are capable of such a level of stupidity?

What I do know for certain is that being an Administrative Officer in the Civil Service constitutes pretending you know what you are doing when you don’t. I know this because I was one, at the AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) where I spent 2 years either doing nothing, or not having a clue what I was doing; I was useless and so was everyone else around me.

By employing 30,000 useless people to fuck things up further, the cost of staying in the EU will, in comparison, be a picnic in comparison to leaving, and here’s the even more ridiculous thing; the moment sovereignty was exercised to make sure we get our sovereignty back, all the Leavers started screaming foul play.

When in July, I asked myself the genuine question “How will I be better off outside the EU?” I couldn’t come up with any viable answers and my experience in the civil service and its wholesale wastage, made it plain to me that the best way forward would be to identify its (the EU’s) flaws, and get to the table with the other members and get them sorted out.

There is no way of turning back the clock now, so I am not being a ‘remoaner’ or whatever portmanteau it is these wankers come up with, but I really cannot begin to comprehend where this will all end up and what it will cost….billions and billions and billions is my best estimate but that should be multiplied by a few billion just to be sure, as don’t forget, we have to get an independent deal negotiated and agreed by 27 EU countries (some who don’t like us) and then move on to the WTO that includes any despot nation you can come up with.


Any of you who have worked on a Government project like a nuclear facility, a submarine, or something of the like, will know how much money gets pissed up the wall and I will tell you now for free, that this is going to be the most biblical waste of government cash since the first release of the Magna Carta.

Government projects cost billions when they know what they are doing, so embarking on a strategy with no plan, no structure and no common sense, is madness, and I bet Theresa May knows that as well, that’s why she was initially a remain campaigner. Defeat wasn’t even considered.

Britain really does need someone, of any party, Conservative, Labour or the Monster Raving Loony Party, to stand up and say, ‘Look folks, you have said your piece about the EU, but despite its issues, we have looked into this Brexit stuff and it is a fiscal disaster waiting to happen…in fact, it is actually even worse than we thought and to be honest, Albert Einstein wouldn’t be able to pick the bones out of it, let alone David Davies.” 

When I was a lot younger, every time I saw the TV character, Timmy Mallett, I used to say to whoever was in my vicinity, “If  I ever meet Timmy Mallet I am going to punch him in the face”.

What I didn’t know, is that I was tempting fate as one day, the opportunity to punch the said gentleman in the face would arise, with the unlikely venue being the Swanage Carnival a few years back.

As he passed by me, just a few inches away, the ‘Imp of the perverse’ inside me made my shoulder twitch but fortunately for all concerned, the devil in my head was tamed by the angel, and I refrained from taking this unwarranted action for the following reasons.

  1. It was not necessary and would probably end in a justifiable police caution
  2. I haven’t really got it in me to hurt someone, especially if it is just because they are a bit of a prat.
  3. The humiliation caused by him ducking my punch before knocking me to the ground with one blow, followed by a picture of me in Swanage Bugle, accompanied by the headline, ‘BANGED IN BY MALLETT’.

What I would like to say, is that if I ever saw Nigel Farage in a pub somewhere, sipping Spitfire and spouting his diatribe, I would take the all above risks into account and punch the odious little shit square in the face. This is because I hold him entirely responsible for all the impulse hatred and division that is taking place across the country.

Witnessing the poisonous little cretin licking the arse of Donald Trump, showed what an appalling little sycophant he is; crawling all over the new president like a cheap suit, trying to make out he is representing Great Britain because his grubby little party grabbed 4 million votes from the desperate and the easily led.

Britain will somehow get through this mess and recover, and it will all go down in the history books only to be rewritten by the establishment. However it may take a generation of hardship to absorb the cost of exiting the EU and I still can’t see what the benefits will be from it will be. A few less Polish blokes and further protection from paying tax for the owners of The Daily Mail?

It certainly won’t be a new golden era for manufacturing, because the global markets that Theresa May claims she wants to embrace aren’t going to buy products from a country where it costs three times the price, and the buyers here won’t be waving their union jacks in support of British goods either; they will be in a boardroom full of Chinese translators.

If you exited the EU because you wanted a manufacturing renaissance and British jobs for British people, you better go back to bed, or move to America…because that’s the only place where they are likely to be attempting a protectionist economy any time…an interesting ideology in a global village that might work for a bit I suppose, although I can’t quite figure out how?

The world gets madder by the day.

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  • John
    November 15, 2016 (10:18 pm)

    Looking forward to Friday mate, in the meantime I have to admit I haven’t got a clue what “portmanteau” means. Great word but the closest I can get is “Portmandeau”which, I am told, meaNs a large travelling bag.

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