Happy New Year to all Who Read This Blog!

Posted on December 31, 2016

I am in a bit of a hurry, so I will be quick.

I would like to say to everyone (about 80-100 regulars) who read and support this blog, a big thank for all your comments throughout the year as well as the input with regards to grammar etc.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone too much, but my thoughts are independent and are often put out there to poke people into thinking outside their normal perception of the world. With the busy lives we lead, it is easy just to follow what we are told.

None of us want to be sheep do we?

Whatever the case, I am an amateur who does it for enjoyment. However, the narcissist in me needs support, so seeing a year on year increase in readership is encouraging, with the occasional post going marginally viral (I had one that got over 5,000 views).

How much of a narcissist I am, is a matter of opinion, but what I will say is that if I was desperate for love, support and hundreds of likes, I could simply write blogs about cute cats, my favourite sandwiches and X Factor.

I would soon be contacting my server for more disk space but my soul would be stripped.

I have pissed people off on occasions, but I think most people who read regularly get a bit of a laugh and thought provocation from my amateur ramblings.

As you know, my other hobby is photography, enhanced by walking with my best pal, Marley, my dog. With a dog in tow, you can walk freely in the countryside and click away without suspicion, so he has been well worth the £600 I paid for him, along with the added bonus of pet insurance and vet bills.

So below, I have compiled some of my photos from each month of the year. They show what a wonderful country this is, it was just a shame winter 2016 produced no snow.

Happy New Year!!!!

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