Normalising Trump as May Jets In!

Posted on January 27, 2017

In my opinion, the biggest concern anyone who is not a millionaire should have is the outcome of Theresa May seeking a trade deal with Donald Trump.

I say that because in the aftermath of Brexit, ‘Stay’ campaigners like Theresa May, know that they must stick to the Brexit path whilst keeping the British economy on track, otherwise she will lose popularity very quickly.

Unlike the Trump regime, the financial big wigs in the government know well and good that Britain cannot survive on a protectionist economy. They know they will have to whore themselves and whore themselves quick, otherwise the UK will spiral into recession. Trade deals need to be tied up fast and that is a worry as it is easy to sell cheap when needs must.

After Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, said he couldn’t meet Trump because he had a hair appointment and the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, said he had to pick his kids up from school, Theresa May now finds herself pushed up to the front of the queue to be the first to meet the president.

it is a bit like someone forced into befriending the school bully. She doesn’t really want to be Trump’s friend but with trade deals needing to be done, she can’t afford to be his enemy.

For those of you who can remember TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) Trump is about to put a dagger through the heart of it. Years of work will be ended at the stroke of a pen (or a crayon perhaps) meaning that the EU and America will have no deal in the immediate future.

Whilst that sounds a good trade opportunity for a post-EU Britain, it also leaves our health system and food standards under threat if we are too keen to crack a deal, which of course, we are. It is common knowledge that the biggest issues in America are associated with diet, food standards and healthcare, so we really don’t want to get involved in allowing the US corporations access to those markets, even if it is financially tempting in the short-term.


Bargain Basement Britain? May Jets in for Trade Deal

I believe that the normalising of Trump this week has been a tactic to allow us to forgive misogyny, bigotry, torture, and financial corruption to justify whatever deal comes our way. However, whilst I believe he is a detestable human, it not as though we haven’t traded with nasty types before (Arab Princes who cut off juveniles hands for stealing a loaf of bread, for instance) so we should at least, be quite good at it.

Many people were on the radio this morning were in a state of confusion as to how Trump holds enough popularity to be a president and, from what I heard, more than enough popularity in Brexit Britain. If you hear him speak, the answer to that is quite simple. He offers simplistic and popular answers to incredibly complex questions.

Terrorists: Torture them
Jobs: America First
Immigrants: Build a wall
Manufacturing: Do it ourselves

That’s pretty tempting stuff if you are desperate and left behind in a world where technological advancement has sped past you and disappeared over the horizon. It might even work in the short-term but putting up trade barriers has only ever ended in tears; ask any financial expert (I know experts no longer count) about the last period of protectionism in the 1930’s and watch them shudder with fear.

With trade barriers put up, it will severely damage industries where America have a huge advantage. Industries such as software, finance, Hollywood and entertainment, high tech and aerospace, agriculture and mining. How will they cope with restricted access to rapidly emerging markets in South America and Asia, as well as the patent protection trade deals offer?

See what I mean? You can’t grow an economy just by manufacturing ‘Trump Says America First’ baseball hats and re-opening a few coal mines.

On the plus side, in answer to those who think Trump is the next Hitler, my fears have eased slightly as I don’t think he really has the IQ to be a Nazi. I think he is like many populist, fact sceptics; a fascist without really knowing he is one, not really understanding where populism has always ended up. Even if he started going down that route, 21st Century America is too multicultural to embrace it.

I honestly don’t think Trump sits at home with a glass of red (Californian of course) reading Mein Kampf or studying social Darwinism because one, he is not particularly interested in history and two, he is too busy playing his American style game of ‘Winners and Losers’. He claims he will stand up for the losers but he never has before.

I don’t think Trump even really wanted to be the President, it was originally a bit of fun and self-promotion. However, coupled with a self-satisfied and slightly condescending opponent his populist rhetoric became so addictive to the disaffected and disenchanted that by the time October came, he could have produced a live televised dump on Ronald Reagan’s grave and still won the election.

It may have been a masterstroke but it was probably more to do with circumstance.

The biggest danger to the world is the global economic damage American protectionism could create and as a consequence, which way he and his dangerous, right wing, evangelical cabinet lash out when the Trump American dream starts falling apart. We all know Trump won’t go quietly and it won’t be his fault.

Domestically, US/UK trade deal sceptics will be keeping a sharp eye on any jazzed up agreement between the protectionist and the new global whore.

It will need forensic scrutiny, otherwise our children and grandchildren will face being treated for digesting a genetically modified horse in a hospital owned by the president of The Dallas Cowboys.

If they can afford it!

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