Ken Clarke Stands Firm Against Theresa the Appeaser!

Posted on February 1, 2017

You have to admit, there was an air of desperation about Theresa May’s visit to America last week, bringing back memories of history lessons featuring Chamberlain’s ‘White Paper’.

Of course there has been all manners of criticism towards Theresa May for visiting the Tangerine Fuhrer, but with Britain coming out of the EU, she will argue, and has argued, that morality will have to be put to one side if we are to find enough trading partners to soften the Brexit blow.

Then came the Muslim ban and the campaign signed by nearly two million British people trying to make a case for denying Trump a state visit due to the sort of behaviour that even Prince Charles has described as carrying chilling echoes of the 1930’s.

Downing Street has described the petition as driven by mere populism which, whilst I kind of agree, is somewhat ironic when the government is about to implement a process that was driven by populism and populism alone.

And whilst we are on the subject of moral conscience, both the PM and the leader of the opposition (Jeremy Corbyn) are pressing ahead with voting and trying to whip their members into voting for the triggering of Article 50, despite voting to remain in the EU less than a year ago.

Only the likes of Ken Clarke (Consevative) and Nick Clegg (Lib Dem) are voting for what they believe in and I cannot agree more with Ken Clark, a Conservative I have always admired, without necessarily agreeing with.

His speech yesterday was wonderful; here are just a few snippets.

Of course, nice men like President Trump and President Erdo?an are impatient to abandon their normal protectionism, queuing up to give us access to their markets”.

“As we see what unfolds hereafter as we leave the European Union, I hope the consciences of other MPs remain equally content as mine.”

“Brexit is baffling to every friend throughout the world”

He described the turncoats as suddenly seeing “A light on the road to Damascus on the twenty-third of June. I’m afraid that light has been denied to me.”

It was a withering attack on MP’s of the government and the opposition who are unprepared to vote with their conscience.


When Gina Miller rightly won a court case for Article 50 to be debated in parliament, you would have thought that those who opposed Brexit would make a vociferous case for delaying or abandoning a process put into place as an advisory by 52% of voters, 90% of whom have no knowledge of the EU and were driven on by jingoism, populism, or whatever else you want to call it.

Gina Miller’s court case, in that aspect, was indeed a waste of time, as despite the Brexit vote purely being a peoples advisory most MP’s didn’t agree with, they are all cowering in fear of populists like Nigel Farage by claiming to be doing the decent thing administering the will of the people ahead of their own beliefs.

Fucking cowards…what about the 48% who voted to remain? Does the will of those people no longer count?

As a result of the will of the populists, Theresa May, sensing that this was no Richard Curtis movie where the PM could put the President in his place, rushed to America and opened Britain’s legs to a lunatic protectionist. Great!

Coming out of the EU and witnessing a wannabe fascist evolving across the pond should be a time where Britain is putting the brakes on rushing into anything we might regret but sadly, there are too few who are brave enough to stand up for what they believe in.

I never thought I would say this, but it is a Conservative (Ken Clarke) who is big enough to stand up and say something while the rest are cowering to populism to maintain their status.

What a sorry state of affairs.

*”44% of our exports go to the EU, but only 8% of the EU’s exports go to GB. Remaining in the EU makes us more prosperous” – Theresa May – 2016

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