Hooray…Winter is Over!

Posted on February 28, 2017


Well that’s it folks, winter is over. It is now time for daffodils, swallows, light evenings, warm sunshine, and a slow but sure entrance into sunny days and balmy evenings.

Of course, it won’t turn out that way, it was only five degrees today with intermittent sleet and rain but we are British for God’s sake, so we must be positive and pretend our summers are going to be like UKIP supporters remember them.

So what about winter? What was it like?

Well despite what the The Daily Express may have told you in October, it was distinctly average.  There were some sharp frosts, particularly in January, not much in the way of rain (which is a worry as it does even out over the year) a few attempts at light snowfall, and just four named storms. These were Barbara and Connor in late December and Doris and Ewan in the last week. Ewan only really affected Ireland ,with the rest of us just having what used to be known as a ‘blowy ol’ day’.

Unusually, there were no storms at all in January, courtesy of a stubborn high pressure over scandinavia which brought us those lovely frosty days with temperatures hovering around or just above freezing.It was great walking weather once you got a march on.

February threatened a major cold spell but a subtle change in wind direction from a raw easterly to a balmy southerly put an end to that, and was also a good lesson in how such a small alteration in the placement of an anticyclone can change everything so dramatically…it went from below zero to twelve centigrade within 48 hours.

That’s why, despite all the crap you see on social media and in rags like The Express, beyond five days, the weather is impossible for anyone to predict. If anyone tells you any different, slap them in the face and inform them you won’t listen to their mindless drivel any longer.

So what will spring bring? Probably the odd throwback to winter frost or even snow (normally reserved for the first game of the cricket season) the occasional balmy, even hot day, and because we are British, a lot of days that will remain short in the memory.

It really is best for our well-being if we don’t know what is coming and that forecasts remain short-term for the long-term, if you get what I mean. The thought of living in a country where we know on the first of March that it is going to be a summer washout, would be too much for the hardiest soul to bare.

Though some may argue they can stand despair, it is the hope they cannot stand!

Here is a video of some of the highlights of my winter walking the dog. Music by The Beautiful South, which is fitting.

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  • Richard
    March 2, 2017 (9:23 pm)

    Harry Nilsson is more fitting!

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