The Daily Mail and their Latest Fail!

Posted on February 23, 2017

Before this blog starts, can I state that it is about lies and division, not an allegiance to Tony Blair, whose comments I treat with indifference rather than the recent trend of rabid hatred.

I will start with a Daily Mail headline from this week.

“Still Think He Wasn’t A Danger, Mr Blair? Fury at Labour government’s £1m compensation for innocent Brit”

That is what The Daily Mail said this week after British Jamal al-Harith, formerly known as Ronald Fiddler, was pictured carrying out an ISIS suicide attack.

Jamal al-Harith was released from Guantanamo Bay in 2004 after a Daily Mail led campaign that was backed by parliament with strong support from the conservative opposition.

This is what The Mail said when Jamal al-Harith was released.

“Freedom At Last for Guantanamo Britons”.

They quoted in the same article that ‘clearly by what’s happened they’re not bad guys, they are entirely innocent.’

To make this lie even more extraordinary, the compensation given to Jamal al -Harith was sanctioned in 2010, when the Conservative government were in power and Tony Blair was long gone. However, that doesn’t count if you work for Paul Dacre.

It matters not a jot what you think of Tony Blair, the fact is that The Daily Mail are once again causing division and encouraging hatred on the back of cast iron lies.

In the lead up to the release of Jamal al -Harith, Blair was even widely criticised by The Mail and the opposition, forcing him to release the following statement regarding delays with regards to freeing alleged suspects.

“The difficulty for us is this: we all know that we are faced with a significant terrorist threat. Let us be clear, all of these people…were picked up in circumstances where we believe, at the very least, there are issues that need to be resolved, let us say, in respect of those individuals. Certainly from what I have seen about those individual cases, I would need to be very, very clear that there was in place in this country a sufficient infrastructure and machinery to be able to protect our own security”.

The fact is that the very newspaper that vehemently fought for the release of Guantanamo Bay prisoners, is now trying to blame it on the person they lobbied to release them. You could not make up that level of hypocrisy.

Politicians of all parties take a staggering amount of stick, none more so, and often deservedly so, than Tony Blair, who for reasons that are beyond my comprehension, has decided to put his head above the parapet once again, campaigning against Brexit.

Whether you loathe him or not, he has got a thicker skin than me, or anyone reading this blog and in my opinion, if we are still a democracy of course, has a right to express his opinion or, as is the case with The Daily Mail, defend himself against completely false journalism.

Will Paul Dacre, The Daily Mail editor, come on TV or radio an defend the lies published in his rag?


Does anyone reading this blog even know what Paul Dacre looks like?

Probably not, so here is a picture of the odious little toad.


I sometimes fantasise about how much happier middle England would be without The Daily Mail and the poison it releases into the  atmosphere every day.

Then I realise, it is like a cheating partner and its readers are bound by some sort bizarre loyalty and the need to be angry about something, be it Tony Blair, a Polish immigrant, or woman bringing up a child as a single parent.

How sad is that?

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