Fake News and the Labour Party’s Demise!

Posted on March 7, 2017

The biggest issue for me with all this fake news is that it has got us all so confused, nobody knows what is fake and what is real anymore, so they just give up on the news altogether.

I think it is Vladislav Surkov, one of Putin’s chief advisors, who has gone through the planned process of causing such systematic confusion in the Russian media that no one knows what is real anymore, leaving those in power a free reign amongst the chaos. It’s called non-linear warfare.

We are now in such a state of confusion, it could be argued that Brexit never happened, Leicester City didn’t really win the Premier League and Donald Trump’s presidency was just an illusion created by David Blaine’s greatest piece of work.

How many bloody Brexits are we actually debating now? Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, Brexit Means Brexit, Brexit Light, I Can’t Believe it’s Not the Real Brexit? The list is endless. 75% of MP’s didn’t want the bloody referendum in first place, saying it would be an unmitigated disaster, yet the 25 per cent of them, most of them barely alive, somehow got their way courtesy of a red bus.

Some of them are even denying the bus now, saying it was an elaborate fake news story fabricated by devious remain types. Maybe it was, I don’t know anymore as I have gone nearly as mad as everyone else, but not yet, quite as mad as Jeremy Corbyn supporters. These lot have gone stark raving bonkers and are now totally engulfed in the kind paranoia experienced only by the likes of Hitler and Stalin.

Don’t get me wrong, unlike these Ukip lunatics who long for a return of the good old days when a trip to the swimming baths carried the added thrill of playing Polio Roulette, I don’t think Jeremy Corbyn is a traitor. I actually quite like most of his ideologies but I have come to the conclusion that as a leader, he is the political equivalent of entering a one-legged man into an arse kicking contest.

That argument doesn’t wash with the Corbynistas though. In their heads, it is not Jeremy Corbyn who is useless, it is all the fault of the BBC and Owen Jones for undermining him. If you don’t know Owen Jones, he is a left-wing campaigner who dared to say, despite how much he liked Jeremy Corbyn, that just maybe, just maybe, Jezzer wasn’t doing too well in his job.

Statistics would back up Jones’s argument but we live in fake news times, so now he is, unwittingly, a Rupert Murdoch plant, put in place to undermine poor Jeremy and campaign for the BBC to leak rumours suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t attract wasps to a jam pot, let alone voters to the ‘safe seat’ of Copeland.


From Left to Right: Is Owen Jones a Murdoch Plant?

Protest votes at by-elections are, by tradition, a way of telling the government they are failing. Labour managed to get a protest vote against them as the opposition. This was despite Copeland being a Labour stronghold since 1982, a time when the miners strike and the subsequent Hillsborough cover up were still ideological glints in Margaret Thatcher’s eye.

It all starts to remind me of reading about Oswald Moseley when he didn’t get the job as the Labour Party Home Secretary. As far as Corbynistas are concerned, if you don’t adore a leader who has missed more open goals than a blindfolded paraplegic, you can clear off and join the Conservative party or face persecution within for alternate views about future success.

When the Conservative Party fell to pieces after the referendum last year, those who hadn’t run off home to their butler were like pheasants perched on the end of a farmer’s shotgun. Any political party with a semblance of cohesion (Labour under David Milliband for example) would have had an absolute ball. Not Corbyn’s Labour Party, they didn’t have time for that, they had some major internal chaos of their own to get on with.

They messed about with a few luke warm Brexit soundbites, brought up the case on PMQ’s of some poor bastard in Tipton who couldn’t afford a puncture repair kit for his mobility scooter, then merrily voted for that pious old bat, Theresa May, in the MP’s referendum vote. It was like witnessing some sort of Turncoats Annual Conference where everyone was invited along to take the piss out of Ken Clarke for talking sense.

I joined the Labour Party because I believe every kid should have access to equal education, every person should have access to a good healthcare system, and every worker should pay a fair amount tax back into system to allow society to run, rather than hiding cash under a pillow, or if they are rich enough, in the Caymen Islands.

I do not care a jot if someone wants to work harder than me (not difficult) and earn more money or have a bigger house than me, just as long as they do it legally and pay tax. I do not care a flying toss if, when I am walking my dog in joyful isolation, men with severe narcissistic disorders are prepared to stab their friends in the back to earn more money than me…just as long as they pay tax.

There are too many people in the Labour party who do not stick to the principles of what it is supposed to be all about and will seek to destroy anyone with more moderate views than them. The BBC is not without it’s faults but by trying to destroy it and making ludicrous accusations against it, what do these people think they will achieve?

Do they not realise it will be a vacuum for the Murdoch empire or are they planning a new State TV station called Corbyn TV, a station where you are told how great things are and that the Copeland by-election result was fake news made up by the BBC fascists?

Labour went into that MP’s referendum bill attempting to get back those who had defected to Ukip. They did this assuming that mugs like me, bound by loyalty, would vote for them regardless of what they got up to, even if it meant following the lead of Theresa May, who had just, metaphorically (one assumes it was only metaphoric) opened Britain’s legs to a big, fat, hideous American madman.

I am not sure if I am alone but unless something changes, come 2020, I won’t waste my time voting for a party who felt obliged, against their own alleged principles, to administer the will of Ukip and tell the 48% to shut it, or else.

Fuck that.


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