George Osborne – Would You Employ Him?

Posted on March 10, 2017

A lot is said of the grotesque money footballers earn these days, which is understandable when you hear figures of £100 – 200 and 300k a week…even more if they want to play in empty stadiums in China to boost their retirement portfolios.

Still, with added attendances, sponsorship deals, replica shirt sales and the TV cash windfalls of the Premier League and Champions League, the best players are in fact paid the market rate, grotesque or not.

If a £20 million player gets you a £100 million promotion, it’s decent business.

Now let’s take a look at George Osborne, who, it has been reported, will earn £650k a year for working for Black Rock as an advisor for approximately one day a week.


Osborne: Laughing all the way to the bailed out bank

My first question is this:

Should a sitting MP and former chancellor, paid for by the tax payer, be allowed to work for a huge financial organisation who would grab any opportunity to lobby parliament?

My second is this:

Why would a financial organisation employ someone who, when put in the position of chancellor, said the reduction of the deficit would be the centrepiece of his austerity ideology (we’re all in this together etc etc)?

Despite the austere ideology that shut down public services, sent the mental care into dissaray and left the elderly dying on trolleys, the deficit increased by a cool £555 billion under Osborne’s stewardship.

Remember, he pledged to reduce it, so it would appear he got in a bit of a pickle with his abacus, delaying his targets at each budget before, eventually, more or less saying, “fuck it, I give up” when abandoning his deficit reduction plans altogether.

To take the piss a little bit further, as wages stagnated, libraries and swimming pools shut down and hospital waiting rooms burst at the seams with an austerity led mental health boom, George’s mates lorded it up on their quantitive easing cash windfall.

Instead of going to prison, they actually got richer…you can barely make this shit up.

The silver lining of the Brexit fiasco is that this clown is no longer in a job as chancellor, as it would appear that he was haemorrhaging money like a demented kid let loose in Hanleys with daddy’s credit card.

Yet Black Rock want to pay him £650k for one day a week of doing what? I assume he won’t be allowed near the purse strings?

I mean what have they to gain by having a sitting Conservative MP and former chancellor on their books?

I wonder?


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