Madrid Wakes up to the Stench of Tabloid Nationalism

Posted on April 14, 2017

When I saw the headline ‘UP YOURS SENORS’ in The Sun last week, I did wonder what the reaction to it would be when England or an English team next played abroad.

Of course, it wasn’t long before elements of the Leicester City fanbase used the tabloids as a ‘call to arms’ and a good reason to chant nationalist songs that stirred the police into chaotic behaviour, no doubt resulting in genuine fans getting terrified and hurt as the vermin ran to hide in the gutters.

There were, as usual, cries of foul play by supporters who had taken a battering and it looks like many of them had good reason to bewildered as the chaos unfolded. However, they cannot look any further for blame than sections of their own support who turned the air from celebratory to toxic.

Some fans pathetically tried to defend their behaviour as merely being British banter, suggesting that the Spanish police were suffering a sense of humour bypass when faced with derogatory songs about their nation as well as antagonisation about Gibraltar, a grubby British peninsula full of gangsters, money launderers and tax evaders that British people like Michael Howard seem determined to protect.


Amongst these criminals and tax evaders are of course, media barons, so you can begin to understand why they like to whip up nationalism amongst ill-educated football supporters. By doing this, they are ensuring that Britain can further distance itself from EU regulation that may call a halt to their gravy train.

The great irony is that the man with a manual job, a copy of The Sun under his arm and a bottle to throw at a Madrid policeman, is more likely than most to suffer the consequences of a Brexit nation. Over time, Britain will go through the processes of abolishing workers rights so these knuckle draggers are, in effect, fighting for the cause of media barons but against the interests of themselves.

When it all goes wrong, the media will find someone to blame, probably Pakistanis and Poles. When it goes completely wrong, they will be safe in a yacht full of bodyguards off the coast of Monaco.

For those of us who had a poor or basic state education, the internet has been like the enlightenment of our generation, as with the click of a button, we have freedom and access to historical information that was not available as we grew up. Whether this was because of budgets that were stifled courtesy of the Cold War, or a systematic process of keeping us thick, is a matter of opinion. Whatever the case, the internet has been an intellectual revolution for many of us.

It was only matter of time before the likes of The Mail, The Sun and The Express. fought back on the side of the established order that protects them. They did this by kicking off a structured campaign of encouraging nationalism and blaming Europeans for all of our woes.

I stupidly thought that enlightenment had won the day but it was naive to think there wouldn’t be a backlash from media who who would like to put an end to the dangers that the freedom of thought and movement serve them.

To continue the gravy train that they been riding, they know that they have to stop the process of enlightenment. They need to put to bed any process of being made accountable for their financial affairs that allow virtually no taxation as working people and small businesses suffer perpetual penalties and harassment to keep the rich in their offshore yachts.

Mad isn’t it, but the truth is that if any British government was serious about cleaning up its act when it comes to protecting the media barons with hands in their pockets, we would shut down places like the Caymen Islands and Gibraltar on the basis of them in effect, stealing money out of the HMRC pot. We are talking billions here, not the odd iffy expenses claim.

What happened in Madrid was a victory for The Sun as it proved that their ‘Up Yours Senors’ headline had the desired effect and even resulted people like me more or less being accused of being of membership to a ‘Liberal Elite’ for condemning ‘Bants’ (Banter). You used to have to attend Islington dinner parties with law graduates to be in the liberal elite, now you can be one from a 3 bedroomed house in Andover.

The irony of all this nationalistic fervour is that the WWII victory that these prats like to dwell on, was actually a war against nationalism and the horrible consequences of it. They are actually doing their grandparents a disservice with all the right-wing chanting. This is a point I have tried to argue but in Brexit Britain you get told to sit down, shut up and stop being a leftie.

Still, I can can carry on dreaming that one day enlightenment will take hold and the population will see that they have been robbed for years and Brexit is merely there to keep the Status Quo.

Oh for the day when football supporters keep their shirts on, embrace a beautiful European city and sing ‘Please take it you Spaniards, Gibraltar is Yours’.

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  • Gill Dixon
    April 15, 2017 (7:54 am)

    You are so right there Mr L x

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