The General Election – A Pursuit of a One Party State

Posted on April 19, 2017

“The country is coming together, Westminster is not” – Theresa May, April 2017

That sentence alone, should be enough to make people wonder if Theresa May has any clue whatsoever, what sort of evangelist righteous path she is leading us down.

Unless I have missed a glorious unification of the masses in the last 48 hours (I have been a bit busy) the last time I checked, Britain was more divided than at any other time during my 49 years on the planet.

I have tried to imagine any possible way that this runaway train of lunatics can be stopped but short of Theresa May getting discovered in a dungeon wearing bondage and sharing a crack pipe with Donald Tusk, the inevitable is going to happen and Britain will end up as one-party nationalist and isolationist state.

There is barely any denial of this anywhere, with The Daily Mail bellowing out with their most hate-fuelled headline since ‘Hurrah for the Blackshirts’ coming up with the incredibly alarming ‘CRUSH THE SABOTEURS’ as today’s front page.


If you still read that rag, (The Mail) you might as well be honest and say “despite his flaws, Hitler had the right idea” because that  is what that newspaper is doing. It is saying that 48% of voters who wished to remain in the European Union should be dealt with accordingly. I’m not being a conspiracy theorist, read it for yourself, they are actively trying to ban freedom of speech.

A government without valid opposition is a terrible scenario for democracy as it will mean that Theresa May, a pious vicars daughter from an Oxfordshire hamlet, will be able to push through a progress reversal ideology with the help of her friend, God, and presumably her other mythical aides, the tooth fairy and santa claus.

Max Hastings, the historian (and hardly a socialist) summed up my feelings when he said that the ideology the government is campaigning for is a Miss Marple world of 1950’s nostalgia. Other respected politicians who can remember Britain in the 1950’s without rose coloured spectacles, feel the same, conservatives, John Major, Michael Heseltine and Ken Clarke among them (they have now all been actively discredited for having a sensible opinion).

Talking of the the 1950’s, I watched a film the other day called ‘The Imitation Game’. It flicks back and forth from the Second World War and a 1950’s court case featuring Alan Turing. Turing, if you weren’t aware, headed up a group of mathematicians who cracked the Enigma code during WWII. As a result, it is estimated he and his team saved at least 12 million lives and cut the war short by two years. Impressive stuff, I thought.


Enigma codebreaker: Alan Turing

Under the 50 year classification law, all Turing’s work was kept secret until a few years back when the papers were released. In 1952, Turing was arrested for being a homosexual and the only way to avoid a prison sentence was to volunteer to go on a state sponsored hormone treatment program to make him straight.

It didn’t work particularly well and as a consequence of his mental and physical turmoil, he killed himself. That’s right, in the 1950’s, in Britain, a man who saved 12 million lives and shortened the World War by two years, was persecuted to death by the establishment because of his sexual preferences.

I expect The Mail wanted him dead long before the war as without Turing, it would have probably ended in a victory for Fascism they and Moseley had openly pined for.

That’s not the country I want back.

*For what it’s worth, Turing got a an official pardon from the Queen in 2013, although I am not sure whether the God that Theresa May uses for Brexit guidance would have offered the same apology?

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