If You Think Politics is Ugly Now…

Posted on September 29, 2017

It was quite bizarre watching the Labour Party conference this week as it had an air of euphoria about which, considering the election was lost against Theresa May, the worst political leader in the entire history of world political leaders, was I thought, a touch over the top.

Of course, the euphoria comes from Labour’s renewed vigour as a socialist political force and the assumption that it is only a matter of sitting backing and waiting for Theresa May to crumble into oblivion.  This will pave the way for a new excuse for a human being such as Jacob Rees Mogg or Boris Johnson, to make a power grab and a snap election will follow.

That could be next week but it could also be in two years time or longer, depending on how a shaky parliamentary majority shapes up during negotiations for the EU exit that could turn toxic very quickly, causing division and turmoil and ultimately, the fall of the government.

The Labour Party strategy is possibly the most daring shake up of Britain in a generation and news of ‘war gaming’ within the party this week suggests that they are already preparing for an out an out onslaught from those desperate to maintain the status quo at any cost.

There are some huge players out there who are scamming the the tax system and using bogus but legal offshore operations to steal money out of the UK and if anyone thinks that they are going to say “Okay, hands up, we’ve ridden the gravy train too long” they are hugely mistaken.

These include huge corporations entrenched in the establishment as well as billionaire media barons from The Telegraph, News International (The Sun & The Times) The Mail Group and The Express Group. All of the owners of these newspapers have decades of intricate tax avoidance behind them, so it is going to get really ugly as they try to cling on.

If and when labour do get into power, they will have to brace themselves, as will the economy, because as sure as eggs are eggs, there will be a massive effort to destabilise Britain by those who stand to lose some of the outrageous wealth and power they have garnered.

During the snap election campaign all of the papers above tried to destroy the Labour surge with crap old news about Jeremy Corbyn talking to terrorists but it didn’t stick very well. People weren’t interested in digging up old tales from the past that had little to with modern Britain and the real concerns came from stagnating wages in the public sector and emergency services, whilst fat cats got fatter and offshore corporation tax fiddles went unchecked.

People weren’t interested in Jeremy Corbyn chatting about peace to Gerry Adams in 1982, they were more interested as to why we have a PM whose husband advises on tax avoidance, or why coppers getting stabbed in the neck by terrorists hadn’t had a pay rise since 2010.

They weren’t interested whether John MCDonnell studied Marxism in the 1960’s, they wanted to know why Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Commons were getting multi-million pound renovations whilst their dementia ridden parents starved to death in a hospital corridor because apparently there was no magic money tree, except for the DUP.

If you don’t know or understand how corporation tax works, you really need to look it up. Briefly, what happens is that if you are PLC or a Ltd company, after all your operating overheads are taken away at the end of the financial year, you pay tax of 20% on what is left (this is known as profit).

What huge organisations do is set up a company in the Cayman Islands (a tax free haven) and invoice the British based corporation for the amount of profit left over. For example if a corporation generates £100 million and has £20 million left after operating overheads, it will owe the Inland revenue £4 million.

It avoids pay this by taking the advice of Theresa May’s husband and invoices the British company for accountancy services from offshore and, hey presto, the Inland Revenue gets fuck all.  It costs the treasury billions more than the welfare state…billions and billions more.

As an example of how unfair this is, in 2015, as a limited company, I paid a tiny amount of corporation tax. It was probably not enough money to provide the electricity at my local doctors surgery for a week but it was still more than Facebook paid in that same year, despite making billions in profit.

Jeremy Corbyn wants that missing money and he wants it to fund schools, hospitals and other essential services that are so pathetically underfunded. This seems reasonable to me but to think that these organisations will just hand it over is fanciful to say the least. That is why the people avoiding these taxes are trying to call him a terrorist and a traitor; they are desperate.

Personally, I feel the battle to make these people pay their corporation tax will be a desperate one and there will be major setbacks along the way. Anyone involved in this ideology will be persecuted, millions will be spent to protect the legality of offshore invoicing and the media will be seeking any way of trying to destabilise a changing of the British order.

It has started already with anti-semitism being the newest kid on the let’s destroy Labour block. The Labour Party have, we all know, plenty of members and MP’s who are disturbed by the Israeli ideology and their treatment of of Palestinians in illegal settlements (pouring sewage on them etc etc). Some liken it to Apartheid whilst others are concerned that Israel have gone too far as they protect themselves from the horrors of their past.

That’s not Anti-Semitism, that’s anti-Israeli policy. It is so obvious that I wonder if I am missing something but I’m not am I? I don’t think Ed Milliband (he’s a Jew you know) would have become the leader of the Labour Party if it is anti-semitic. As a friend said to me the other day, “I don’t like Donald Trump’s foreign policy, but I don’t hate Americans”.

If Labour do overcome all the excrement that is going to be thrown at them in the next few years, they will get into power as an increasing amount of people have had enough of getting robbed by a minority of stinking rich individuals and corporations.

However, if they fail to overthrow the tax avoidance system entrenched in the establishment, they can chuck every single wealth distribution policy they have, out of the window. In a word, they will be fucked.

And as the remaining UK money gets sucked from the system by the children and grandchildren of Dacre, Murdoch and Desmond, the generations that follow us will be fucked too.

We are rapidly approaching the last throw of the dice before the pitchforks arrive.

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