Just Let the Red Necks and the NRA Shoot Themselves!

Posted on October 4, 2017

I’m bored of these American shootings, it’s just like hearing the same record over and over again.

Everyone acts appalled, they light candles, they pray to a god scientists have long proven doesn’t exist, then buy more guns to protect themselves. Then everybody forgets about it until some other disaffected weirdo decides he wants to break the death toll record.

Well meaning people hoping to change hearts and minds point to the positive gun law examples in places such as here in the U.K. and in Australia after Port Arthur but the NRA and huge swathes of Americans just tell them to shut up messing their with their second amendment.

Instead they light candles, quote shit nonsensical propaganda offered up by those cretins at the NRA and then proceed to vote for Trump, an utter fuckwit of a man with the vocabulary of a two year old and such great business acumen, he would have more money and dozens less bankruptcies if he had invested his dad’s money at the Post Office.

Everyone reading this blog knows that all humans get mad sometimes; they may have been cheated on by a partner or ripped off by a business associate or they may just feel down on their luck and have an angst against a world that has neglected them (America certainly knows how to neglect folk).

If a minuscule percentage of those people go over the edge of madness and they have access to an arsenal of weapons from the local candy store, the results are pretty much inevitable. Without that access, the darkness will pass and mental health treatment may well follow; at the very worst, unless the killer is some sort of Bruce Lee, a frenzied knife attack could never in a million years, inflict the same amount of casualties as 12 automatic assault rifles.

However, a large majority of Americans won’t have it. As a reaction to a massacre, they choose to buy more guns (US shares in guns and ammunition rose sharply yesterday) to counteract the problem. Perhaps the people at the concert should have been given assault rifles with their tickets as well as arming cinema attendants and schoolteachers with a holster and pistol?

After anothe US massacre, if we didn’t have enough to worry about in our own country, we, along with the rest of the civilised countries on this planet, are forced to share their misery and asked to pray to their non-existent god that this won’t happen again, at least until next week. To make it worse, we have to listen Trump at his infantile worst.

I do feel sorry for the millions of civilised Americans who are at the wits end with the stupidity of their nation and its ‘cretin to end all cretins’ president but all that I can advise them to do is emigrate or galvanise enough support to encourage their nation, which was once the bastion of decency and liberty, to start growing up.

As for the other millions, the right-wing, gun toting, flag waving, racist, homophobic, evangelical, sub human, Trump adoring super cretins…just let them shoot each other until there are none of the thick fuckers left.

There is no point in trying to reason with them or present them with facts because they are so entrenched in Trump’s post truth world where grabbing some pussy, persecuting stricken Puerto Rican’s and most laughable of all, banning people from coming in because they might cause terror, is what really counts.

They don’t want us interfering with their precious second amendment, so fuck ’em, let them get on with it. It’s them who have chosen that death is a sacrifice worth having if it means not having gun laws.

You have probably seen this video as it is pretty viral, but amid the black humour it just about sums America up.

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