Post Brexit TV Guide Announced!

Posted on October 17, 2017

06:00 – Full English Breakfast

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Michael Gove with all the latest Brexit good news stories coming from around the UK.

09:00 – Poles Under the Hammer

Our team of Britain First members go in search of Polish nationals that still haven’t left the UK.

10:00 – Bulgarian Hunt

Nigel Farage and the boys in balaclavas take the red bus to Margate in such of Bulgarians to persecute.

12:00 – Nationalist News

Midday news propaganda hosted by Aaron Banks.

12:45 – Escape to the Country We Got Back

Boris Johnson seeks out some reclaimed Hampshire villages that were lovely until the foreigners moved in.

14:00 – Caught Red Handed

Ian Duncan-Smith investigates a gang of Romanian gypsies he says he caught eating raw Koi Carp from the pond at his mansion.

15:30 – Brexit Road Trip

Our team of Brexiteers visit destitute families in the West Midlands to offer them free Union Jacks and explain how Eastern Europeans were to blame for the economic collapse.

17:00 – Potless

Quiz show hosted by Phillip Green where people walk away with as little of their pension pots as possible

18:00 – Nationalist News and Nostalgic Weather

John Redwood hosts with Michael Fish going through the archives to offer some classic weather forecasts from back when summers were real summers.

19:00 – The One Show

Nondescript fill in show where people you have never heard of report all the shit brexit stories from around the country

19:30 – We’re Fucking Loaded

Our offshore heroes that helped make Britain great again show us around their yachts and discuss how they have never paid tax and never will.

20:00 – The Generation Game

Fun and mad antics hosted by that bloke who owns JD Wetherspoons and the irrepressible Katie Hopkins. Phil Collins guests.

20:30 – Upton Abbey

1920’s period drama set back in the good old days when all the very rich aristocrats treated the peasants really nicely.

21:00 – Send ’em Back

Jim Davidson and Chalky White star in this slapstick jamboree of racist hilarity.

21:30 – Panorama

Daily Mail editor, Paul Dacre, investigates a left-wing communist terror group and their underhand attempts to halt the sale of the NHS to MacDonalds

22:00 – Nationalist News and Nostalgic Weather

Liam Fox hosts with John Ketttley going through the archives to offer some weather forecasts from back when winters were real winters.

22:35 – National Anthem

22:40 – Close

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