Tory MP in Golf Club Membership Row

Posted on October 20, 2017

A bitter public row has broken out between Conservative MP, Sir Cecil Favours-Cash, and Wentworth Golf Club, over his refusal to pay a six figure membership fee to the the prestigious venue.

Sir Favours-Cash an active member of the ‘Leave EU’ campaign last year, argues that the £100,000 membership is not due because he has decided to leave the club but still have use of all its facilities for free, just as they were when he was a full member.

Much to the fury of Sir Favours-Cash, Wentworth are refusing to negotiate, stating that if he wishes to leave the club he cannot expect to return and use the facilities unless he wishes to pay the annual fee.

“It’s quite simple. Sir Cecil has decided that he wishes to leave the club. This means that when his membership ends he is no longer a member, his locker key will be revoked and he will not have access to our facilities. Can I add further that we did not force Sir Cecil to leave, it was entirely his decision”, said a Wentworth spokesperson.

However, the MP for the Cotswold constituency, Ringpiece on the Wold, was having none of it.

“NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO…Wentworth need to get real…it is clear for anyone, with any sense, to see that Wentworth Golf Club need me more than I need them. I buy their Brandy, I buy their cigars and I buy their food. They are charging me to buy their produce and if they don’t allow me in for free, they are being very, very,very, very, very, silly”, said Sir Favours-Cash.

It was at this point that the Wentworth spokesman began to lose his patience.

“Listen, this is a prestigious club with a waiting list for potential new members. If Sir Cecil wishes to cancel his membership that’s fine, however, if he thinks we will just allow him free access to the club, upsetting every other member in the process, he is either deluded, or simply taking the piss.”

It seems that the row will rumble on with Sir Cecil adamant that Wentworth will see that his stance is a correct one.

“The problem with Wentworth is that it is full of unelected bureaucrats who think that Sir Cecil Favours-Cash should pay for the privilege of being a member. They don’t realise how important I am and how much they need me, so I will fight on.” 

Sir Cecil, who, as well as representing his constituents in Ringpiece on the Wold, is also the director of several gambling, pharmaceutical and fracking companies based in the Cayman Islands, says that with the backing of The Daily Mail, he will will use his own tax free cash to campaign for free membership, claiming the £100,00 membership fee could be spent on the NHS.

Sir Cecil appears to have good public backing with local pub landlord, Dave Dense, throwing his weight behind the MP.

“I like Sir Cecil, he’s a true patriot not scared to stand up to unelected bureaucrats who are ruining our country…imagine what that £1000,00 a year will do for our NHS”,  said Dave, as he supped Spitfire from his metal tankard.


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