Theresa May, Dacre’s Banquet and Human Empathy!

Posted on November 9, 2017

I have not known many very wealthy people in my time. I have known a few who have done quite well but I have only ever known one who worked with and mixed with the people at the very top of city institutions earning money that would make a Premier League footballer wince.

She was a financial director in the City of London, born and educated from ‘good stock’ and making what I would consider extraordinary amounts of money. I always quite liked her but there was a detachment that many people struggled with which made her socially awkward.

I will give you an example.

We were camping many years ago and a toddler strayed into the area of our campsite looking bewildered, tearful and lost. As a normal human being, I picked her up and went in search of her parents who were bound to be on the camp site somewhere.

I found them at the camp site shop and handed them back their child for which of course they were thankful.

Anyone normal will agree that my actions were pretty much standard and far from heroic but when I returned to base the woman (the financial director) acted as if though I had performed way beyond my duty and at a level she would never have been able to achieve. She was bordering on awestruck.

What did she think was normal? For me to say “Shoo…be off with you child, you don’t belong here!”

Now, this same woman once told me about the people she, as a financial director, was paying. We are talking tens of millions of pounds in bonus structures; preposterous amounts beyond what most people reading this blog could even begin to comprehend.

As I said, she had obvious issues with compassion and human empathy which I found a little bit sad but here is where it gets worse. She described the hedge fund managers she worked with as the meanest spirited, nasty, narcissistic, cold hearted people imaginable. So mean that she found it hard to explain how awful these people are when it comes to showing any iota of compassion.

When I saw the picture of Theresa May and her husband Phillip (a hedge fund and relationship manager) attending a banquet to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Paul Dacre at The Daily Mail, it instantly reminded me of the conversations I had with the woman above.

The Daily Mail has recently published headlines that call Judges ‘the enemy of the state’ and an email address for readers to name and shame university lecturers who have shown signs of being in the remain camp with regards to last year’s referendum. Forget how you voted in the referendum, that is appalling behaviour that has not been since since 1930’s fascist propaganda.

The fact is that on the same day as she lost her second cabinet member in a week, Theresa May decided to join in on a jolly up celebrating one of the most vindictive editors of The Mail since its support of Moseley’s Blackshirts in the 1930’s.

It is of course up to her and Mr May to do as they wish with their private time but in my mind, that demonstrates fully how these members of society operate and how they can carry on regardless of being exposed for all the errors of judgement and lack of compassion they have in their DNA.

The May’s were introduced by the future Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, at a Conservative Party student disco in the late 1970’s and have never been out of that circle of coldness ever since. They don’t know what compassion is, they don’t know how normal people struggle. In a country of 60 million they are representing 0.0001% of them.

How can that be normal?

As Theresa May’s dreadful and catastrophic leadership sinks to new lows on a basis that is daily, an article in the Independent last week asked if it was perhaps time to show some sympathy with her, at least on a human level.

The answer is no as she wouldn’t understand it anyway.

Theresa May and her husband do not have an ounce of human empathy in them. They are from a sector of society that is bred and taught to be utterly ruthless in pursuit of power and the ability to rise above common law when it comes to things such as making money from health and justifying tax avoidance because they are operating on the right side of the law, if not the right end of the moral compass.

The fact that she turned up to a banquet hosted by Paul Dacre, a faceless, tax avoiding man of spite and awful human spirit, tells you all you need to know and that whether it is taught in childhood or in the corridors of Eton and Oxbridge, these people are devoid of the compassion and spirit that the human race needs to survive.

They really are awful people.

1 Reply to "Theresa May, Dacre's Banquet and Human Empathy!"

  • Karen
    November 9, 2017 (7:30 pm)

    So what’s new. They are the “nasty party “
    But before the new norm becomes ingrained it takes people like you to point it out and say no!

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