Health & Safety & CRB’s and Political Correctness

Posted on February 16, 2018

Now that I am 50, part me feels that I should be approaching a time when I sit in a pub bleating on about health safety and political correctness gone mad.

However, I won’t, because  health and safety at work and DBS checks in schools and recreational clubs are saving people from dying and getting molested, or both.

This week, we have seen that if minority fuckwitts and perverts are allowed to act with a free rein, innocent people get hurt.

It’s happened in Manchester in Crewe with junior football players and its happened in Haiti, Chad and God knows where else in the charity sector. Let us also not forget the obligatory weekly gun attack in America.

CSCS (Construction Skills Safety Certificate) DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) are two things that I hear elder folk whining about the most, but they are the things put in place to stop a cretin minority from causing misery.

Anyone with half brain who has sat a CSCS exam in the construction industry will pass it with ease and that folks, is what is meant to happen. The idea being that a fuckwit will fail the test and will not be allowed to enter a building site and electrocute someone or drop a pile of bricks on their head.

Anyone who thinks that the construction industry has gone soft and all ‘la dee da’ PC, check the graph below. It’s simple to read, showing that since H&S was improved, less people have been killed.

The same applies to the DBS (Formerly CRB). Any of you who looks after youth sports groups such as cricket or football and isn’t a child molester, would have taken and passed this assessment. It’s a pain in the neck doing it but if it stops another Barry Bennell, I hope I am not alone as member of the namby pamby PC brigade who thinks it is worth the hassle.

If Barry Bennell were around as now, he would be like a cat on hot tin roof when asked to fill out a DBS. As a consequence, he would more than likely not risk making himself available for one and would therefore not be employed. It’s as simple as that.

The same can apply for Oxfam where through naivety, they appear to have taken the fact that they are a charity and made themselves unaccountable, with disastrous results. Imagine what it must be like being an Oxfam worker now? The butt of jokes and worse still, eyed with suspicion, all because relative checks hadn’t been deemed necessary.

What people need to understand is that by applying basic checks to everyone where there is a risk of injury or abuse, these systems, as annoying as they may seem, are finding metaphoric needles in haystacks.

By not applying them, the minority of these dangerous and unstable folk do not get checked over and they are allowed to mess everything up for everyone else, leaving men for dead on a building site or children growing into adults as tortured souls.

This of course doesn’t wash with Republican Americans. They carry on with their stupid rights to bear arms laws that leave thousands dead every year. For Republicans, the death of innocent people via an assault rifle that came free with a tank of petrol, is a price worth paying.

Of course not every American gun owner is a total madman but if there are hundreds of thousands of people who aggressively believe in their right to bear arms, there are bound to be a scattering of disaffected loons amongst them.

So, the next time someone bleats on at you about Health & Safety or DBS checks answer them with one line and one line only.

“Oh do shut up”

Have a good weekend.

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