Diane Abbott and Question Time

Posted on January 21, 2019

I don’t particularly like Diane Abbott if I am honest. I find that she speaks in a self righteous manner and is often ponderous under the spotlight. In my mind, she offers a perception she is ill prepared for scrutiny of her ideologies but doesn’t care. It confuses me why the Labour Party are so keen to put her in the spotlight but they always have liked to self-flagellate.

I have had to check with my conscience whether the reason I am not particularly keen on her might be because I carry some kind of hidden racism in my DNA. Ater this personal scrutiny, I am content that I am not and it is more of a case that, as a Labour voter, I know she is liable to say something preposterous that will get used against her and the party as a whole.

However, is it acceptable for the BBC or Fiona Bruce to whip up the pre-show Question Time audience against her? Bruce also (mistakingly?) appeared to back up the detestable, spoilt little brat, Isabel Oakeshott, with false facts (about opinion polls) during the programme. She did this with a derogatory laugh, which was made worse by the fact she was incorrect. Why was she wrongly backing up Oakeshott? To get more laughs?


Impartiality is the key to the BBC and indeed Fiona Bruce, being a respected broadcaster. Without that, they are no better than Fox News. Question Time, in my opinion, appears to be descending into a kind of political Jeremy Kyle Show, pandering to post-Brexit, populist demand. It is descending so much into the ‘Harry and Paul’ parody of it from some years ago, the comedy sketch and the real thing are the same.

If it is proved that the Question Time producers had an agenda to stir the audience up against Diane Abbott, that is just not on. It’s not acceptable because it means we are descending into madness, offering social media keyboard racists the platform to bully Abbott to intolerable levels. Before you call me a snowflake, take a look at the shit Diane Abbott has to take on social media. If it was a black footballer getting that sort of abuse, people would be landing up in court and rightly so.

I don’t know whether it was Fiona Bruce’s idea to turn the audience against Abbott or that of her producer’s but it has to be analysed. Question Time shouldn’t be a place where one individual is ridiculed and interrupted more than others. It’s not a pantomime but admittedly, with its guests it appears to be one. Putting Oakeshott on with Abbott was deliberately incendiary and that was the reason I didn’t watch it live. My TV is only 2 years old and Oakeshott would put it in severe danger from both my vomit and my foot.

Are The BBC Losing Their Way?

Someone I know commented on a post of mine yesterday saying that, in basic terms, the BBC are a left-wing organisation. In his opinion that is why these Diane Abbott allegations all broke out in the news. His belief is that it is a non-story. I don’t agree, in fact I think he was talking shit, but opinion is free, for now at least.

On the same day, I had another friend claiming that the BBC are becoming more right-wing and are no different or better than Fox News, the Murdoch gutter station. This signals to me that the BBC must be getting something right to be creating such polar opposite views.

It might be just my age but judging by programmes like ‘The One Show’ and ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’, I am not sure my issue is with impartiality. It is more an issue with producing and commissioning shit TV on their mainstream channel to suit an increasingly moronic audience. What I can’t work out is whether the BBC are feeding the morons, or whether the morons are feeding BBC?

Is the BBC Really That Bad?

I do think we need to be careful what we wish for and even though I now use Channel 4 for my evening news source, programmes like BBC 2, BBC 4 and Radio shows one 4, 5 and 6 are second to none. The BBC are also a class act online for news, weather and sport, in my opinion.

I have a friend of mine in Australia and he tells me that the BBC is streets ahead of the media outlets out there which are dominated (I think) by NewsCorp which is owned by…you guessed it, the mad tax dodger himself, Rupert Murdoch. I couldn’t stand being subjected to that shit.

With regards to Diane Abbott, despite any reservations anyone has about her ability as a politician, it has to be said, her constituents back her; she increased her majority by 11,000 in Hackney in the 2017 election. She is also very bright academically. How many people from her humble beginnings (she is the daughter of a welder and a nurse) have a degree in History from Cambridge University?

She also once provided a poignant quote that is relative to this blog and the direction we are heading in.

‘Families are struggling against a tide of junk information on junk food’.

Britain needs to decide whether it wishes to sort itself out and grow up, or descend down a path of hate where bullying is all the rage.

8 Replies to "Diane Abbott and Question Time"

    January 21, 2019 (10:25 pm)

    Bob – the BBC and Question Time has for many years pandered to the left wing, i watch it week in week out getting more angry – however, if anyone thinks that Black,White or Pink Diane Abbott would make us anything other than be a complete laughing stock and weak terrorist inviting nation to the rest of the world and massive threat to national security thats up to them – the woman and her party are toxic and I fear for our countries future – anyone that thinks otherwise (IRA, HAMAS etc must be rubbing their hands) what a dream.. Jeremy Corbyn – lets all be equal, same cars, same houses, lets kill wealth and entrepreneurs who create it – only problem with that? who’s going to bother creating anything? the wealth, the taxes, the jobs? brilliant – lets all be skint around the bonfire listening to the Communards whilst our children starve and Buckingham Palace is filled with white dreadlocked people that call themselves Spider – please explain how it would be different than my wildest fears ?

    • Bob Lethaby
      January 21, 2019 (11:06 pm)

      James, you need to stop reading The Daily Mail, its not doing you any good.

    • Mary Russell
      January 22, 2019 (8:25 am)

      Wow! We’re already a laughing stock – my continental friends have confirmed this is so in case you’re wondering – think you should direct your ire at this shitshow of a government. This chaos has come about purely because of the Tory civil war and the incompetence, wrecklessness and selfishness of its leader and key members.

    • Terry
      January 22, 2019 (3:37 pm)

      James, you must’ve wanked yourself into a state of euphoria as you typed your paean to right wing bollocks, but you really should give it a rest. Your keyboard might get stuck on caps lock

      • James
        January 22, 2019 (7:31 pm)

        Can’t disagree with your lefty can you Tel? That’s why you people are so fucking dangerous – thankfully you’ll always be the people dribbling bile at those who dare to differ from your own opinion whilst actually being unable to do anything about it as you will never have the power to do so as your leaders are communist terrorist loving scum – go and bang your tamberine at your latest pointless demo – Prick.

        • Terry
          January 23, 2019 (8:52 pm)

          Oh, we’re much more dangerous than you imagine. And we understand punctuation and grammar as well. Dolt

  • Stewart withey
    January 22, 2019 (8:19 am)

    I like the sound of that James. Will it only be the Commundards? I’m fond of a bit of George Michael but if it’s a problem I’m not that bothered as the rest of it sounds great.

  • Mick
    January 25, 2019 (9:46 am)

    James, you clearly wear your right wing beliefs on your sleeve, not just pinned but hammered home with a 9” nail. I personally don’t hold a candle for the current Labour leadership but, I don’t agree with your “Tommy Robinson” approach of ranting mindlessly at your fellow citizens who differ from your view? Times have moved on, we all need to re-evaluate our position and be prepared to make sacrifices on some of our personal political and social red lines – otherwise the hate and rhetoric will just continue.

    Your insensitive portrayal of people you don’t really know just reinforces the current social media situation of dehumanising people to fit an individuals personal argument. If you want to blame someone- blame ourselves as we all have a responsibility to act with respect to others. Something I’m afraid is missing from your contribution.

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