The Brexit Double Down Has Started

Posted on January 23, 2019

I was reading an article the other day about how people who voted Brexit did so on impulse without any facts. This is nothing new of course, because 95% of people who voted to leave the EU barely know what it is.

Why do I know this? Well, every time I have responded to a social media ‘Leave Means Leave’ post on Twitter or Facebook asking for an EU Law that has affected that individual, I have not received one response. If someone asked me why I voted to Remain, I would have plenty of answers. The main one would be that it has never once done me, or anyone I know, any harm.

Imagine if you went to the doctor and he said, “There is nothing wrong with you, but we are going to do some complex heart surgery anyway”. You would tell them you would prefer to stay as you are. Especially if they then told you someone with shares in an offshore defibrillator company had said it was a good idea.

A Pointless Debate

When you try to debate with a Brexiteer, most of them are like kids when they don’t want to be proved wrong. They might as well cover their ears and shout ‘LA, LA, LA, DON’T CARE, NOT LISTENING’. Nothing will sway them. Not even business Brexiteers (James Dyson) moving their HQ to Singapore makes a Brexiter think he/she might smell a rat. Sony and Panasonic moving abroad is merely project fear.

Evidence that newspaper barons are running scared of 2019 EU tax avoidance legislation doesn’t matter either. Nor do detailed financial forecasts that range from a nasty recession to economic collapse. Many Brexiteers would cut their own genitals off rather than admit they have been conned. Instead they choose to believe Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson (an honest chap) ahead of the governor of The Bank of England. This allows them to maintain their fantasy of fighting an oppressive regime that doesn’t exist.

Referendum Merchants

However, those now calling for a second referendum are a band of well-meaning but deluded and ludicrously optimistic folk. They falsely believe that these Brexit types will have read the facts on immigration, sovereign law and trade agreements and had second thoughts. Second referendum merchants believe Brexiteers have realised they have been hoodwinked and are now pleading for a second go at voting.

Not a chance. Brexiteers are not interested in facts, they are only interested in sticking to the guns that will blow their own feet off. I used to give them more credit than that, but I have run out of patience now the bleeding obvious stares them in the face. They have had enough time to see where it is heading, and they have simply doubled down. They don’t care about ruining the economy and they have no concept of European history. All they are good at is talking about Dunkirk, two world wars and one World Cup.

The Rise of Populist Groups

The painting on this was by Third Reich artist, Wolfgang Willrich

To make it worse for normal people (the 48%) Brexiteers have virtually legitimised and even supported fascist leaning ultra-conservative Christian groups that make the DUP look like a picnic. Groups that go as far as using artwork utilised by the Third Reich. Uneducated idiots then repost their material and still don’t see the irony in November when despite supporting populism, they wear their poppies with pride. That’s where we are at and it’s all because David Cameron called a referendum he thought he couldn’t lose.

I always had a suspicion that the facts about the financial affairs of media groups and prominent Brexit MP’s would be swept under the carpet as conspiracy theories. Moving money from under the noses of HMRC was an act so audacious people find it hard to believe. To rub a salt and vinegar crisp into the paper cut, barons instructed editors to write ‘Forward with Britain’ headlines. They did this whilst calling good people ‘Traitors’ and ‘Enemies of the State’ for voting Remain and implementing sovereign law.

Toxic Behaviour

The demonizing of vocal remain voters is extraordinary. I wrote a post the other day merely questioning whether those who have got form for bullying (Isabel Oakshott) deliberately targeted Diane Abbott on BBC Question Time. I couldn’t believe the some of the responses I got (I did get some nice ones as well).

Rabid ramblings about traitors, hippies taking over Buckingham Palace and Jeremy Corbyn harbouring terrorists. I hadn’t even said I supported the political ideology of the Labour Party. The post was about impartiality on the BBC. By not calling Diane Abbott a fat, ugly monkey, I was suddenly a traitor, sympathising with people who hated Britain, despite serving their constituents for decades without the financial gain made by many others.

The toxic behaviour of people has been purely driven by the media organisations driving the Brexit bus. As people are slowly getting exposed by the catastrophic flaws of Brexit, they are moving further to right, with their arguments becoming more ridiculous. Denial of the bleeding obvious is an awful human trait.

The MP’s who are serving constituents and not themselves, remain in the majority. They need to utilise this majority and act accordingly. It is more and more apparent that this must be done by delaying Article 50 and kicking Brexit into the long grass.

There will be a gammon backlash as pink heads and yellow vests invade parliament square, but they are nothing that can’t be dealt with. Do you pacify those idiots, or do you try and get some sanity back into the system with cross party agreement to take them on?

Gammon Backlash

Let the gammon have make their threats and have their rumble. Then Diane Abbott can play her part by telling them she is set to be the next ‘Dr Who’. Then the silly fuckers will soon forget Brexit ever existed.

Then we can get back to being normal and the HMRC can be granted the power to go after tax avoidance vetererans like Dacre, The Barclays and Murdoch. They are the cretins who started all this.

They can go after Jacob Rees Mogg and Aaron Banks while they are at it.

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