Apathy is Allowing Threats and Abuse to be Normal

Posted on March 4, 2019

When, all those decades ago (it was actually 2016) the Leave vote won the Brexit referendum I had one fear. The rise of the far right.

I was never particularly bothered about old dears who lived in a Miss Marple fantasy and wanted a return to a golden era that didn’t exist. They wouldn’t be around for long and are in essence, harmless. Easy fodder for the Daily Mail but not enough to change which way the globe spins…or so I thought!

However, a bit like 1930’s Britain with Moseley’s mob, they need a wake up call. A reminder of what the far-right are and the Britain they want. It isn’t one of tea and scones on the village green, watching willow hit leather.

Their ideology is one of fear, intimidation, expulsion and violence. If you don’t believe me, look at the email below. This was sent to a Labour MP, Rupa Huq, born and educated in London and graduated in Politics and Law at Cambridge. An intelligent and progressive individual threatened and abused by thugs.

No Longer Headline News

A few years ago, this would have been headline news. Now it is just another day for a serving MP who expresses concern about Brexit. Concern that comes from business and geopolitical experts who have legitimate fears for the future of the country.

It is not illegal to deny all the facts about Brexit. Even when the signs increasingly point to a soft Brexit being pointless (what we already have, with no place to negotiate) and a Hard Brexit being financially catastrophic.

It is okay to say that you don’t believe in experts. It is okay to say you think there is a golden dawn coming after Brexit. Never should it be okay to threaten elected MP’s in such vicious and intimidating ways. Yet it is happening every day and no one is doing anything about it.

When Moseley’s thugs finally fell apart, it was when the Rothermere’s (The Daily Mail) pulled the plug on their rampant finance and media promotion. They did this due to violence at Cable Street and Olympia that was not appealing to middle England.

The middle Englanders who are sycophants to The Daily Mail, need a wake call to see what they have promoted when voting for nostalgia. They have helped to create a platform for hate and violence. Violence just like that of The Blackshirts with their support for the fascists in Berlin, Rome and Madrid.

Britain is not heading towards a Brexit of golden summers with trout stream picnics and Dickensian winters skating on the River Thames. It is heading, if it is not stopped, into its darkest period since Moseley took a look at Hitler’s Nazis and liked what he saw.

Do we really have to have our very own version of ‘Kristallnacht’ to wake us up to this disgusting fascist movement that is threatening our progress?

Surely we are better than that?

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