It Was Always About Saving the Party, Not the Proles!

Posted on March 27, 2019

Theresa May sacrificing herself, followed by a gleeful Boris Johnson and Rees Mogg coming out for her deal they hate, tells a story. It tells the story of what Brexit has been all about, all along.

Brexit was never about a golden new era. Brexit was never about borders. Brexit was never about Sovereignty. Brexit was never about the WTO being a new age of prosperity. Brexit was never about saving the NHS.

Brexit was about the Tory Party and those within it who were trying to rid the themselves from the nasty tag of the old guard. Brexit was about pacifying the right-wingers who control the party despite being a minority.

They failed.

Right Wing Control

The right-wingers have control because they have money and they have the media in their pockets. The tax dodgers, the money launderers, the corrupt bankers, the offshore billionaire media tycoons. All Conservative backers, everyone of them. Dare sink them and they will take the Conservative Party down with them.

They have bought their way into the Conservative Party to a point where self-serving comes above the people. Brexit was always an opportunity to seize back control of Britain for themselves, not the people. The plebiscite, goaded by faux patriotism and fear of immigration, fell for it.

The populist similarities of the 1930’s are stark. Yet with irony that is repugnant rather than delicious, Brexiteers have been encouraged to use the defeat of fascism against a unified Europe.

Johnson and Mogg

I have written in the past about Johnson and Mogg. With that in mind, I won’t go on about them too much. However, if anyone reading this thinks these charlatans are acting for the good of the country, they should be padded up in the funny farm.

What’s patriotic about Boris Johnson taking thousands of pounds a week off a newspaper that is based offshore for tax reasons? What’s patriotic about Rees Mogg hiding money all over the world and his family making money from economic misery?

The Media Billionaires

The Telegraph, The Mail, The Sun, The Express…all owned by tax avoidance billionaires. Billionaires who pay their editors handsomely to write populist headlines about hating our European neighbours.

Billionaire tax avoiders in the pockets of the Conservative Party. Cajoling, dictating and influencing policy. Looking for any way to deregulate public services, workers and environmental laws. Freeing themselves of 2019 EU Tax Avoidance legislation.

Will the plebiscite ever grow up and understand what the media version patriotism actually is? It’s a tool to convince the plebiscite fool.

Patriotism is not hiding your money in Panama or The Cayman Islands and it is not selling off public services to the highest bidder.

We’re getting our country back?

You’re having a fucking laugh.

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