The PM’s Speech!

Posted on March 22, 2019

I assume that the person who writes speeches for the PM will emerge one day. An ‘unelected bureaucrat’ who is not very clever perhaps? Or maybe press ganged into a play on patriotism straight from the Donald Trump rule book?

Theresa May stared into the cameras and saying ‘you have had enough’ and ‘you are fed up!’ She was trying to say that she is on the side of ‘the people’. ‘The people’ in her mind should regard her as a saviour. Democratically elected MP’s were mere scum taking the golden dawn away from them.

Playing on Patriotism

This was the stuff of dictators. Playing on the patriotism of the plebiscite in a last pathetic attempt to garner popularity. What made it more desperate still, is it is not the people she needs on her side right now. The votes she needs come from the MP’s she has publicly slagged off.

It was reminiscent of the last days of a football manager. Engulfed in paranoia and lashing out in desperate bid to stay afloat. “My players have let me and you, the supporters, down!”.

If you are football manager, you need the players on your side. You can grovel to the supporters as much as you like. However, it is the players who will deliver results. Alienate them and you are a dead man walking.

Theresa May, with the wisdom of one of her aides, has alienated those she needed most. It may appear to be stupid beyond comprehension but it appears more serious than that. I think she has a disorder that allows her to dominate her speech writers.

The Psychiatrist

I say that, because I was talking to a psychiatrist at cricket training the other night and I jokingly said, “What can you do with our Prime Minister?”

He wasn’t joking when he said “These type of people were very hard to deal with”. “Such is their state”, he said, “they believe they can never be wrong”. It is behaviour that is both psychopathic and narcissist. It allows them to plough on, despite humiliating defeat after humiliating defeat.

Theresa May not only alienated 48% of Remain voters with her speech, she alienated MP’s across the house. This attitude can be traced all the way back to pacifying the hateful members in the DUP and ERG. She is alienating people who might support her. Instead she seeks affection by bribing people who care nothing for her. Politicians causing chaos for their own personal gain.

Bizarre Behaviour

It is bizarre behaviour from a bizarre individual who has used relentless and deluded self belief to get through. She has the inability to see professional and personal failings. In the spotlight, her personality disorders have failed her. She has created an utter mess with a series of narrow and single minded misjudgements.

She was set up beautifully by David Cameron. An utter charlatan who ran scared of his own right wingers and gave them what they wanted. When they got the disastrous result he didn’t want, he ran off to the Cotwolds for his tea.

Theresa May took the job and could not control the lunatics taking over the asylum either. Useless beyond comprehension, she is the worst Prime Minister in history, overseeing the worst ever government in history. They survive because the opposition is divided and tepid. They survive because swathes of voters are by nature, subservient to conservatives and the establishment. We live in a country where bowing to another human is still seen as normal.

I just hope this useless individual and her useless speech writer, have kicked off the beginning of the end. The end of public servants who are merely self servants. British people deserve better than that.

The like of Rees Mogg, Gove, Johnson, Redwood and Duncan-Smith are in parliament to serve themselves and they need be dealt with.

Off with their heads, off with their heads!

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