A Week in the Life of the Tory Party!

Posted on June 21, 2019

Nothing could have summed up a week in the life of the Tory party better. A serving MP virtually assaulting a woman. Not only a woman, but a member of an organisation that is trying to highlight the destruction of the planet. A planet we are all guilty of destroying.

It was a dystopian moment. It came in a week where the Conservative Party have scrapped it out to see who is the biggest cunt to lead them. The cream has risen to the top. Super cunt, Boris Johnson, is the runaway leader ahead of Jeremy Freudian Slip.

Well hard: Tory MP, Mark Field grabs a Greenpeace protester by the neck

If you want this party of cretins summed up, get this. When polled, 65% of them didn’t care if Brexit split up the United Kingdom and tanked the economy. That is how self-serving they are. They don’t give a toss about normal people.

Boris Johnson’s Daily Telegraph sponsored race to power (£270k per annum) is all about setting up a protection racket. Protection for members and sponsors from serious fraud officers. Protection from increasingly aggressive tax avoidance laws implemented by the EU this year.

Never has the Conservative Party been so riddled with corruption. It has been pursued and taken over by billionaire right wing media groups. It is financed by tax avoiders. It is barely a political party any more. It is a financial institution that is corrupt from top to bottom. Worse still, it will happily use aggressive populism to create laws to protect itself.

Sanity Crushed

There have been those within the party (Clarke, Major, Heseltine, Dominic Grieve and recently, Rory Stewart) who have tried to implement some sort of sanity. They have all been crushed. They have been accused of being traitors and enemies of the state and have found themselves expelled. Is this 2019 or the 1930’s British Union of Fascists?

How do they get away with it? It’s because the people of this nation are either thick as pig’s excrement, or are obsessed with subservience. A desire to be sycophants to billionaires bleeding the country dry. I’m not sure why people are like that? It has to be a human condition.

I thought we were better than that. I thought British people had a desire to protect public services. I thought as a nation we would hold people to account when they weren’t paying what they owe, or looking to sell our health. I didn’t think we liked cheats?

Instead, we live in a nation that votes for these robbing bastards whilst their grandmother lies on a trolley in a hospital corridor. Either that or getting beaten up in a care home staffed by untrained people on the minimum wage.

Forget the series ‘Years and Years’ we are living in dystopia right here, right now. London is the corruption capital of Europe. If you think Boris Johnson is going to sort that out. you need a long stay in the funny farm.

Still, at least he’s funny, here’s what Max Hastings (a Tory) thinks.

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