Big Mouth Strikes Again

Posted on June 29, 2019

They say never meet your heroes. I have always said it is best never to have them, as they will only let you down. As a child and a young man, Paul Weller (The Jam) was a bit of hero of mine and so was Joe Strummer (The Clash).

Luckily, I grew out of all that years after ‘Eton Rifles’ but years before Paul Weller sent his kids to private school. As a consequence I never got upset. Joe Strummer croaked it whilst he was still quite cool. It was also well after I thought the world was the gospel according to Joe Strummer. Which it isn’t of course.

So, I am lucky really. Whether by chance, evolution. or accident, I have not been hampered by the bitterness of my Messiah turning into a middle class jerk (Noel Gallagher) or a fascist (Morrissey).

Loving or Hating The Smiths

When I was at school and briefly at college, I hated The Smiths. This was because they weren’t The Jam or The Clash. As I matured, I realised they were actually, very good. However, on away day matches with Reading FC a friend of mine sang along to their tapes (this was before CD’s and iPods) with all the charisma of Steve Davies. My enthusiasm was once again, quashed.

It must also be remembered that (in the south at least) The Smiths were also liked by smart arsed plastic socialists (latterly Tories). They wore long coats and Echo & the Bunnymen badges. Wankers generally, so it did take time for their music to filter through.

So, now we know that Morrisey is a fascist, does that mean we should delete ‘Every Day is Like Sunday’ and ‘Suedhead’ (Two beautifully depressing songs)? Delete them but not our Smiths collection? After all, co-writer, Johnny Marr, is apparently a progressive modernist?

In many ways I agree with Billy Bragg. Bragg says Morrissey has shattered the illusions of his fans. Fans who used the The Smiths lyrics as a shining ray of light. A way out shyness and feeling lost and confused in 1980’s Britain.


However, if people are still hanging on to the lyrics of ‘Ask Me’ over 30 years after its release, it is a bit sad they haven’t developed. Nostalgia is one thing, clinging on to it, is pointless. It never turns out to be good as it used to be.

The Smiths, like The Jam, were of their time. What makes them great is the fact they packed it all in before they became sad cabaret acts. Sad cases on a Butlins weekender introduced by Suggs from Madness.

Forget meeting your heroes, just don’t bother having them in the first place. You will only end up feeling a bit stupid. If you want proof, John Lydon has just come out in favour of Donald Trump. Lets face it, Morrissey was always a cunt anyway; now he is just a fascist cunt.

‘Ask Me’ is a great song. However, if people now want to dismiss because it turns out Morrissey is a fascist, well…heaven knows they must be miserable now.

Did you see what I did there?

Have a good weekend.

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