MP’s Will Do Anything to Avoid No Deal, But Will They Do That?

Posted on August 16, 2019

When I heard about Jeremy Corbyn’s letter offering to be temporary PM, I thought, “Oh no, what has he done now?”

Then I read it and I thought, “Well, that all seems to make perfect sense!”

It makes sense because he has offered to (in the event of a vote of no confidence) lead the house whilst a general election is organised, and party manifestos are put in place.

This should satisfy the majority of the house who, we are told, are vehemently opposed to Brexit hurtling towards a cliff called ‘No Deal’.

I have checked Corbyn’s letter and at no point does it say, “I want to be Prime Minister so I can make Gerry Adams chancellor and sponsor a nuclear programme for Palestine”.

It clearly states he will be there on an interim basis and will be doing nothing other than overseeing a general election.

It’s as simple as this. Are MP’s who are vehemently opposed to Boris Johnson and his No Deal fantasy prepared to temporarily back someone (Corbyn) they are ideologically opposed to?

Or are they so opposed to Corbyn temporarily leading the house, they are prepared to back Johnson in a no confidence vote and hope for the best? This, despite Corbyn having no manifesto other than ensuring parliament guides the UK away from something self-inflicted. A political event that ranges from economically serious, to potentially catastrophic.

A general election is the only way out of this shitstorm and Corbyn is trying to force it. It will be the end of Johnson and his dangerous unelected sidekick, Dominic Cummings. It will also be the end of a cabinet of untalented sycophants that want No Deal for self-serving purposes. That’s great news for Tory centrists as well as everyone else.

I can’t think of any better ideas than that? It is time for responsible MP’s to run with it and get planning for an election. They are snookered now. They either show guts and offer a vote of no confidence, or they let Johnson and his crooks send Britain down a track from which it may never fully recover.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

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