The Ironic Journey of the Blue Passport!

Posted on August 14, 2019

Who can remember when it was announced that we would, as part of getting our country back, be getting blue passports? Not just blue passports but BLUE PASSPORTS!

Personally, I found it quite ironic that the maniacs on the verge of masturbation at this great show of patriotism don’t care for foreigners very much. Why get a passport when they are not likely to travel?

Maybe the new blue passport would simply stay in the drawer, or perhaps it would sit proudly in a glass frame above the fireplace?

Whatever the case, it appears that the blue passport has plenty of issues to overcome before it gets to the UK. The blue passport you see, isn’t being manufactured in the UK, it is being manufactured in not one, but two, EU countries.

I’m sure the quite brilliant Liz Truss will say ‘THAT…IS…A…DISGRACE!’ as soon as she has her head pulled out of Boris Johnson’s anus.

It’s Only The Bleedin’ French and Poles!

The problem we have with our new blue passports is that they are getting produced by the French (who stink) and printed by the Poles (who steal our fruit picking jobs).

To add to a situation that is so ironic, you can almost taste it, check this. With the likelihood of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit looking less of a sick joke and more like reality, can you see the problem on the horizon?


Well, I’ll tell you then.

Without a trade deal in place, we won’t be able to import the fucking things.  

It’s going well, this Brexit lark.

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