From Liberal Conservative to Populist Right Winger!

Posted on September 8, 2019

I have been wondering lately why Boris Johnson has gone from Liberal Conservative to Populist. When Johnson was London Mayor, he didn’t care much for the anti-eu mob or people like Donald Trump. Or at least he claimed not to.

That’s the problem with Johnson, he is a pathological liar, so it is hard to read him. Was he always a populist right-winger? Was he playing the part of being liberal to just suit the credentials required to be a mayor of a multicultural city? 

Perhaps it is because of a human flaw that Johnson is now portraying himself as a populist? He has an insatiable appetite for money, good food, wine and, of course, sex.

This is not illegal and it could be reasonably argued that it isn’t anyone’s business if that is the lifestyle he chooses. However, if you are portraying yourself as fit for high office, it will make you vulnerable to people who know how to exploit character failings.

There are allegations aplenty that Johnson has enjoyed lavish entertainment with oligarchs and we know he has been on the payroll of media barons. In many cases these are unsavoury people who operate in the in morally questionable areas of tax avoidance. We also know that they have been allowed to infiltrate politics with excessive funding, something that in my opinion, needs a systematic overhaul.

In January 2019, the EU introduced strict offshore tax laws for its member states to adhere to. They are pretty clear and are without doubt, will be causing deep concern for those who aggressively avoid corporation tax.

Could it be because of his notoriously reckless attitude to life, Johnson has cornered himself? He has kept bad company and he may well be regretting it. Has his hand been forced by taking money and incentives off the wrong people?

I don’t know, I am just speculating. However, it would explain a dramatic change in his political outlook and his chaotic and bumbling first week in parliament.

I think it is at least worth giving it some thought. 

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