Another Boring Day in Parliament!

Posted on September 4, 2019

My dear old dad said to me last week, “How come you haven’t been blogging about Johnson?”

The truth is, it is near impossible to write anything in the morning then go to publish it in the evening. It will be regarded as out of touch.

Everything is moving at such a pace that predictions cannot be made. Make any assumption that you know what is going on and before you know it, you are scouring through Jon Ronson’s ‘You’ve Been Publicly Shamed’ like it is a personal guidebook.

Dominic Cummings

A classic example of this is Dominic Cummings. Two weeks ago, he was regarded by respected journalists as the ultimate genius when it comes to political strategy. I wrote about him being a powerful strategist on the basis of what I had read. Today, he looks no more intelligent than your average bar stool fascist.

Cummings was championed for hacking peoples Facebook accounts and convincing them that the NHS was getting a fortune and Brexit would halt an influx of millions of Turkish people. Telling people populist lies is easy, dealing with trained politicians not so, or so it seems.

Johnson himself, looks like a busted flush. His reputation as a loveable buffoon is a distant memory. His shit showing, with shit jokes, at PMQ’s today, was like watching a toy that was running out of batteries. The sycophants in his cabinet are all useless, desperately playing with populism by claiming they suddenly have a money tree for public services.

It’s a Cummings con. Speaking of that two-bob fascist, he was allegedly seen drunk last night, shouting at Jeremy Corbyn amongst others. He’s a fucking idiot. An unelected wannabe who isn’t even a member of the Conservative party.

Power With 30% of the Electorate?

At this stage, I can only imagine Johnson is hoping he can keep power with 30% of the vote in an election. That, or caving in and forming an alliance with the Brexit Party; high risk when you consider they don’t have one seat in parliament.

Tories in Scotland are going to be wiped out by the SNP and the Lib Dems. Centrist conservatives have been purged or have decided to get out. Johnson is rapidly running out of potential coalition partners. It appears those who know him the best, hate him the most. A country propped up by the DUP and the Brexit Party is not a place I, or anyone else should want to live in.

Johnson’s last chance of keeping power is Cummings driving home populism, nationalism, fascism, jingoism or whatever else you want to dress it up as. All because Johnson can save tax avoiders and deregulators who are funding his filthy ideology or are even members of his cabinet (Rees-Mogg).

What no one knows, is whether the masses will fall for it. Will they see common sense has to prevail if this country can move on and heal itself? If Johnson, as it appears obvious, is going down the route of populism, it needs to be faced down by a parliamentary majority by whichever way possible.

Don’t blame me, in 2015 I voted for chaos with Ed Milliband rather stability with David Cameron.

Ho hum.

*This post will probably be out of date by the time you read it.

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