Corbyn – The Traitor Who Didn’t Watch Rugby!

Posted on October 28, 2019

I didn’t realise until yesterday, that if you are the leader of the opposition, you are a traitor if you don’t like rugby.

This might sound like a daft thing to say but as far as I can see, that is what The Daily Mail think. That said, The Daily Mail also seem to think that the whole country cheered on the England rugby team on Saturday.

I think that is unlikely when you consider that rugby sits in third place behind football and cricket in the English sport popularity stakes. I know loads of people who didn’t watch the rugby on Saturday. Is that a crime? Should they be tried for treason?

Are we now in such a state that the leader of the opposition should be demonised for not watching a rugby game?

It’s okay to have a PM with a history of lying to his employers, colleagues, wives, girlfriends and constituents, but a leader of the opposition who doesn’t watch rugby? Heaven forbid such an act of treachery.

Forget being under investigation for giving tens of thousands of public monies to an American girlfriend or overseeing a £60 million budget on a garden bridge that didn’t get built, when it comes to watching rugby in a country pad, Boris Johnson won’t let the nation down.

Corbyn’s crime was to fall asleep on a train on his way to a Unite conference in Ayr whilst England were playing New Zealand at rugby. So, basically, he was working when he should have been watching a sport that he has never claimed to be interested in. What a bastard.

It won’t get any easier for Corbyn. We are now entering remembrance season, a time when photographers will be checking to see if his poppy is a millimetre out of place. If it is, it will be further proof that he is plotting with Hamas and the IRA.

You’d think the media were getting desperate to find something on him.

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