The Need for Strong Opposition to Johnson’s Populists

Posted on January 14, 2020

Forget your political persuasion for a minute and imagine this. Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as Prime Minister, but John McDonnell has lost his seat.

Now imagine that to save McDonnell’s bacon, Corbyn offered him a peerage to keep him in his cabinet. Then on top of that, he did the same for another individual who had resigned after saying being an MP was not what she wanted to be anymore.

Then, to cap it off, he made a woman who had (a year previously) been sacked for breaching national security, his Home Secretary.

The offices of The Mail, The Telegraph, The Sun and The Express would have spontaneously combusted (not a bad thing). Yet that is exactly what Boris Johnson has done with Zac Goldsmith, Nicky Morgan and Pritti (vacant) Patel. Barely an eyelid has been raised.

The Cost of Getting Brexit done

Those who so desperately wanted ‘Brexit done’ have created a situation that allows a government such a majority that it can run roughshod over democracy. It can basically do as it pleases because there is no viable opposition. That is unhealthy and indeed, dangerous.

The pathetic irony of this is that the claim made by these Brexit halfwits is that they were being ruled by an undemocratic body. Read this sentence carefully. Zac Goldsmith lost his seat as an MP of Richmond and he is still a member of our government’s cabinet.

Unless I am missing something and I need a stint in the funny farm, that is about as undemocratic as you can get. Still, who cares about that if we get the Brexit the government is going to force upon us. That and a divisive £120 million knees up to rub Remainers noses in it.

I’ll tell you what it is. It’s fucking madness.    

The Labour Party

If the Labour party doesn’t get its act together and implement someone who is electable in this leadership campaign, this is going get worse, if that is possible.

If Labour continue to plough their lonely furrow with Rebecca Long (time in opposition) Bailey, they might as well accept a future as a morally upstanding protest group. They will be sitting ducks for the right-wing media barons, whilst the Tories do what they do best, taking the piss out of democracy.

It’s going to be hard enough for someone like Kier Starmer to reverse the tide, but let’s face it, a continuation of what has been tried and failed, is just a vintage example Labour Party self-flagellation.

Until the great British public learns to ignore offshore newspaper groups who are setting agenda for their own gain, the only way to form a viable opposition to hold these maniacs to account, is to make concessions and unify the Labour Party.

Otherwise, they’ll go on getting bad results. Democracy will be over in all but name and lunatics like Pritti Patel will be calling the shots even louder than she is now. The fightback must come from the centre ground and if it then means a slow and systematic move to a socialist democratic movement, then so be it.

Otherwise you can forget ever having a legitimate and fair UK democracy for another 20 years and you can kiss goodbye to public services while you’re at it.  

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